Rams Browns Week 3 Preview the Battle in Sunday Night NFL Action

Rams Hit the Sunday Night Spotlight Against the Browns

Two teams coming off wins Sunday night features the Los Angeles Rams at the Cleveland Browns, in Ohio. Rams Browns week 3 will be the second time in the spotlight for the Browns in as many weeks and they will be looking to repeat on there easy 23-3 win over the New York Jets. While the Rams travel in after beating the New Orleans Saints on the scoreboard and the field. Drew Brees left early and the Rams were able to cakewalk to a 27-9 win in the NFC Championship game rematch.

Drew Brees getting Injured by Aaron Donald

While the Rams haven't been at top form yet they looked much better in week 2. The Offense and Jared Goff started to look much more in Sync with his receivers completing 19/28 passes for 283 yards and a touchdown. Cooper Kupp was targeted the most with 5 receptions for 120 yards on 9 Targets. While Todd Gurley didn't have a very good game he was made a bit more of a focus getting 16 carries and he should factor big into Sunday night game. The Ram's were strong on Defence and if how much the Jet's made life difficult and crashed the pocket translates than it might be a field day for Aaron Donald, Dante Fowler, and company.

The Browns are coming off their first win of the year and after a much-maligned offseason, they are looking to continue their winning ways at home. Coming off a convincing win, albeit over the Jet's Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. will look to continue where they left off Monday night. OBJ showed us why he is one of the premier receivers in the league racking up 161 yards 1 touchdown on 6 receptions the nicest being this vantage OBJ catch one-handed on the sideline.

Odell Beckham Jr Cleveland Browns


Superbowl Contenders? Rams and Browns Both Had High Preseason Hopes

After losing in the Superbowl last year many had the Rams being right up there again this year and with the Browns, offseason moves many had them up fighting for the AFC Championship. They were given 15-1 odds before the season started the same as the Los Angeles Chargers so this could be a huge chance for them to show what did they against the Jet's wasn't just a game against, well the Jets.

Image result for baker mayfield

As for the Rams in week 3 they will be looking to continue on an undefeated start for the 2019 season. If last week's game showed us anything is that the Defense led by Donald is still elite and can come up with turnovers and put pressure on the quarterback. This is will be key as last week against the Jets Mayfield was sacked 3 times and hit 8 times and it would have been more had he not been running around on most plays that were longer than 3 step drops.

The Rams will also need to convert on drives as Greg "the Leg" Zuerlein can't be called upon to finish all of their stalled drives. They need to start getting it into the endzone against good teams and the Browns want to be a good team so why not start now. Rams Browns week 3 Sunday Night will be fun that's for sure!

Image result for greg zuerlein

Cleveland will most likely try and get the ball out of Mayfield's hands in and into OBJ, and Nick Chubb's. Tight end David Njoku will be out for 6 weeks after suffering a concussion in week 2 and a broken wrist in practice meaning the Rams will have fewer targets to key on. The Browns will need a big game from their big players if they want to stay in it.


Rams Browns Week 3 could be Heading in Different Directions

The Rams and Browns are going to head out of week 3 with either the Browns feeling good or them feeling bad. I don't know how much a Rams loss would tell you about the team going forward or effect there goals going forward. While a win would be important to keep up with the 2-0 Seattle Seahawks and San Fransico 49er's going forward in the division, the Rams come win our loss will have their chances as they play both teams come week 5 and 6. 

Image result for Goff vs saints

The Browns will be looking to win this to go to a 2-1 record before they head on the road to play the Baltimore Ravens, the 49ers, host the Seahawks and then are back on the road to play the reigning Superbowl Champions the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. For a team with such aspirations if they don't win Sunday they might start off the season 1-6. Hopefully, OBJ can translate into big things for the Browns.



Sunday night between the Rams and Browns in week 3 Sunday will come down to who can stop the big plays. Both offenses have shown flashes but it will be a sustained 60 minutes of football that ultimately leads to the winner.

Prediction Rams Browns Week 3: The Rams defense is going to prove to be to big a match for the second year pivot and it will lead to Goff and Sean McVay controlling the tempo and thus the game. Rams win big 42-17. Disclaimer, while I was right on the result I was off a lot by the score which should tell you do not use my predictions to bet on the games. In fact don't bet on the games, start a savings fund and watch the games.

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