bears kicker win

Chicago Bears Find Kicker and First Win

The Chicago Bears start Week Two with a must-win game in hostile territory visiting Vic Fangio and his Broncos. Eddie Pineiro and the gang shows ice in the veins for a wild finish.

The Chicago Bears enter a Broncos stadium that has not been very welcoming towards visiting teams. Denver is 17-1 in home openers. Earlier in the day, the Packers defeated the Vikings taking a 2-0 lead in the division. The Bears have a lot to prove but Eddie Pineiro sure can kick with the game on the line.

Denver struck first but not before Chicago's defense stifled Joe Flacco forcing a field goal. The Broncos offense came out with play-action calls that bode well against his former defense. Obviously, piggy-backing off the little success Green Bay had last week during their one touchdown drive.

Matt Nagy knows he has to run the ball. This game plan demonstrates he adjusted from last week. Now, rookie running back David Montgomery is not disappointing. His nifty footwork and combination of moves are working to keep drives alive. Pineiro tied it with his leg, 3-3 at the start of the second.

Khalil Mack earned his first sack of the season taking down Flacco for a 9-yard loss. The Bears defense continues to prove it will be really hard to score against. Their efforts in the first half resemble last week's performance. If this holds up this unit has made it nearly impossible for two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks to find the end zone.

The reality of the 2019 season is the Chicago Bears have yet to find the end zone in six straight quarters. The offense is showing some life midway through the third quarter. A drive that has the offensive unit inside the five-yard line.

Montgomery finishes it off with a dive over the pile while the ball breaks the plane. BEARS TOUCHDOWN, the first of the year. The monkey is now off Nagy's back. Penalties still plague the offense. This has been another sloppy effort on both sides but the biggest winner today is the Denver altitude.

This game not only provided the Bears offense the first touchdown but allowed the defense its first takeaway. It was bound to happen with this unit. What a tip drill by Kyle Fuller to himself. The play looked like a possible touchdown. The controversy surrounding the play was Fuller down by contact. The play was called down. It couldn't come at a better time.

The defense is playing lights out but they look visibly affected by the thin air playing at that altitude. That pick was necessary as Denver started to pick up some momentum.

The offense squanders the opportunity to close this one out, three and out again. Broncos have the ball with under three minutes in the game. Fourth down and the first victory for either team on the line.

Flacco reminds Broncos Nation why John Elway traded for him delivering a strike to the corner of the end zone in tight coverage. Touchdown. After a bizarre series of events, the Broncos take the lead with :31 seconds left following a successful two-point conversion.

The Bears get one last shot. They manage a timeout with :01 second left. Chicago finds their kicker. Pineiro nailed a 53-yard game-winner to seal the first win of the season. He showed ice in his veins and immediately erased the bad taste of the Bears kicking game that lingered from last season. This was ugly but they came together and closed this one out 16-14.

Regardless of the score, Chicago must figure out a new offensive game-plan. This offense is performing under par and all eyes are on No. 2 Mitchell Trubisky. Coach Nagy, "You got some explaining to do?"

Until then, stay thirsty and BEAR DOWN! JT out.

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