Packers and Bears Prove Rusty September is NFL Normal

As the NFL continues to trend towards teams sitting their starters in the preseason we are going to keep getting games like last night’s Packers and Bears. I’m sure Packer fans are happy that Green Bay was able to go on the road, in a hostile environment, and knockoff a division rival to go 1-0. And I am not discounting the Bears defense be any means we all know how good they are. However, even though a win is a win, it was an ugly win.

Aaron Rodgers did not play a single snap in the preseason and it showed during the game. He only completed 60% of his passes and barely crossed the 200-yard mark and one touchdown. There were passes at players feet and a couple of times he was off the mark. He had more rust than the $500 junker you called your first car. But this is the direction the NFL is heading, right? Fewer and fewer teams are wanting to risk players in the preseason in games that are meaningless. But how meaningless are they really?

Sure, they do not count for stats and records or help get you into the playoffs. But there is a difference in having reps in practice against your own defense that you see every day and playing in actual games, whether they count or not. Don’t get me wrong I am very excited football is back but Packers vs Bears, 100th season of the NFL, kind of boring. Last season’s Sunday night football game between these two was much better and Rodgers was broken in that game.

If you love games with 17 punts than you were happy, myself I prefer a little more offense in my games. After all, isn’t that where the NFL is heading? The top brass has made it harder and harder for players on defense with their recent rule changes. They want Patrick Mahomes to throw 50 touchdowns in a season. They want high scoring games. They want offensive led games, not 10-3 wins in front of the world. And my fantasy team doesn’t want 10-3 wins either. First-round pick Davante Adams got me 7.6 points *sigh*

If you are an NFL fan and a fantasy football player and they continue to sit their starters in the preseason, be prepared for September to become the new August.

If it ain’t football news, is it worth reading?

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