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Five NFL Players Holding Out (Still)

With Training Camps now one week in, we still have five players holding out seeking new contracts.

Let's look at Five NFL Players Holding Out!

We are now one week into Training Camp and we still have five NFL players holding out for new contracts. Let’s take a look at these players and their chances of getting the big deal they are seeking.


Yannick Ngakoue – DE – Jags

Ngakoue wants a new deal, as he has played out of his skin and is still on a below average rookie deal. Since he was drafted in 2016, he has 29.5 sacks, which is more than Demarcus Lawrence, Dee Ford, and Trey Flowers, all of who have received a new deal in recent times.

He is due to make $2.1m this season, but he is holding out to get a huge new contract. He is looking for around $20m/year on a multi-year deal. As this is a rookie deal, Ngakoue has until the 6th August to join his team in Training Camp to accrue his fourth and final year of his deal. The he may become a free agent in 2020.

Verdict: The Jaguars defense is on the rise. They will find the money to sign this guy to a big deal. Expect Ngakoue to line up with rookie Josh Allen in week one.


Michael Thomas – WR - Saints

It has been reported that Thomas wants to be the highest paid WR in league. He is worth it and will get it. He is apparently seeking $20m/year guaranteed. A deal is close to being done and shouldn’t hold Thomas out for much longer.

Verdict: He gets his big deal and will return to camp within the next week.

Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon – RB - Chargers

Gordon thinks he is in the top tier of RBs in the league, he isn’t even close. If I was Gordon I would be going back to work and doing my job to get a good deal. Unlike the other players on this list, Gordon is expendable.

Verdict: He will not get the deal he seeks. He will either take a lesser deal and come back or the Chargers make him sit out the year and get rid of him.


Jadeveon Clowney – DE - Texans

Clowney has yet to sign his franchise tag as the Texans are preparing for the 2019 season. He is set to make $16m on the tag this season, but he wants a longer deal. Clowney was ranked 3rd in QB pressures in 2018 and is a difference maker for the Texans. There is no GM in Houston this season, so whoever is making these decisions need to sort this out quickly.

Verdict: This one is hard to call. Clowney has said he will sit the year out if he doesn’t get a longer contract. It really is a flip of a coin. I’m going to say Clowney gets a three-year contract and will start for the Texans in week one.

Ezekiel Elliott Combine


Ezekiel Elliott – RB - Cowboys

It is getting ugly between Zeke and the Cowboys. Still with TWO years on his contract, Zeke has decided to hold out and head to Cabo, Mexico to “train” while he waits for Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones to give him a new deal.

The team needs to pay Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott as well as others. This isn’t going away.

The Cowboys have done so much for Zeke in recent years with all his off-field issues and he is acting like a child to get a deal. You should be going to work and getting your job done and trying to lead your team to a Superbowl. The franchise is in an unprecedented position, where they have the chance to win it all this year. Zeke is a key part of that.

The Cowboys has signed former Dallas RB Alfred Morris to a one-year contract and will look to instil him into the offense this season if Zeke doesn't show.

Verdict: This is going to get worse before it gets better. We are dealing with two very stubborn humans and this won’t be over any time soon. I can see it from both sides, but Zeke needs to pull his head in and return to work. Come win us a Superbowl and we will talk about a new deal.

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