New York Jets Training Camp 2019

Turbulent Offseason Adds Fire Towards Jets Training Camp 2019

With the New York Jets Training Camp 2019 on the horizon Gang Green had a turbulent off-season by firing their head coach then firing their general manager after the NFL Draft. Even though the Jets made the unorthodox move of having the head coach select the general manager the New York Jets are in a position to improve on the 2018 season.

Jets Could Have Their Franchise Quarterback

Since making the guarantee to win Super Bowl 3 against the Baltimore Colts the New York Jets have been searching for their franchise quarterback. The Jets picked Ken O’Brien ahead of Dan Marino and while O’Brien had a decent career O’Brien did not lead the Jets to glory while Marino held every major passing record at the time of Marino’s retirement. 

In the 90s there was a trade for Boomer Esiason and the signing of Neil O’Donnell that did not help bring the Jets to the Super Bowl. The best success for the Jets in the 1990s was with Vinny Testervarde under center but Testervarde tearing his Achilles Tendon ended his Jets career. The 2000s saw the drafting of Chad Pennington with Pennington bringing moderate success for the Jets but not reaching a championship level. 

Then there was the case of Mark Sanchez who led the Jets to two AFC conference championships to start his career but Sanchez eventually ran out of magic and was gone from the Jets. Following Sanchez was Geno Smith who might be remembered most for being knocked out by his own teammate and having his jaw broken.  

Through all this dysfunction it looks likes for the Jets training camp this season with Sam Darnold the club has their bonafide franchise quarterback. Darnold showed promise in his debut season and the expectation is for Darnold to make a quantum leap and become one of the top signal callers in the league. It also will not hurt that crosstown rival, New York Giants, could have drafted Darnold but did not. 

Eyes on Le’Veon Bell in Jets Training Camp 2019

One claim at Jets training camp this year is that Le’Veon Bell could be a pioneer in the NFL. Why? Because Bell sat out the entire NFL season waiting for a new contract. Players holding out for a new contract is nothing new in the NFL as Emmitt Smith missed the first two games of the 1993 season holding out for a new contract. 

Depending on how Bell plays in 2019 and going forward Bell could start a new trend. If Bell puts up monster rushing and receiving numbers many players could sit out an entire season for that big money deal. On the other hand, if Bell declines in production it will prove the Steelers were right for letting Bell walk and the Jets just wasted their resources. 

Can the Jets Topple the Patriots?

Since 2001 when Tom Brady replaced Drew Bledsoe the New England Patriots have been the class of the AFC East and the entire NFL. While the Jets have had some shining moments besting the Patriots the glory was fleeting. The reason was that the Patriots have 6 Super Bowls since 2001. 

Entering 2019 the Patriots are defending Super Bowl champions and picked to claim the AFC East title yet again. While some are calling for the Patriots to eventually become mediocre Brady will be 42 in week one this season and the Patriots cannot win forever. Right?

With the current structure of the AFC East, the Jets have potentially their franchise quarterback in Darnold and could be ready to become the dominant team in the AFC East if the Patriots slip. Being able to control their division will be beneficial for the Jets in claiming what they have not had since Joe Namath was around, a Super Bowl victory. 

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