Los Angeles Rams NFL Draft Breakdown

Have the Rams drafted well enough to win the Super Bowl in 2019?

The Los Angeles Rams made it all the way to the big dance in 2018 but fell short of lifting the trophy. Can they go one better in 2019?

Let’s look at how they drafted.

Players Drafted

Players Pick Position School
Taylor Rapp 61 S Washington
Darrell Henderson 70 RB Memphis
David Long 79 CB Michigan
Bobby Evans 97 OG Oklahoma
Greg Gaines 134 DT Washington
David Edwards 169 OT Wisconsin
Nick Scott 243 S Penn State
Dakota Allen 251 LB Texas Tech

Notable UDFA

Player Position School
Romello Brooker TE Houston
Troy Reeder LB Delaware
Tyrell Thompson DL Tarleton State
Natrez Patrick LB Georgia
Brandon Hitner OL Villanova

TEAM 2019 Outlook


We have all heard the news of Todd Gurley’s arthritis of the knee and no one is certain how it will affect him going forward. The Rams let C.J. Anderson walk in the offseason, so they needed a solid back up for Gurley. Enter Memphis RB Darrell Henderson. The 70th overall selection might be a short guy, but he runs with power and commitment. Memphis loved the run game, so much in fact that Henderson had 214 attempts in 2018 for a whopping 1909 yards and 22 TDs.

He averaged 8.2 yards-per-carry throughout college, so he is a workhorse. I can’t see him slowing down. He has a dynamic running style, great agility and works hard for yards after contact.

Henderson will be a solid back up for Gurley going forward. Expect him to push Malcolm Brown for the RB2 role.

Oklahoma OG Bobby Evans (97) will probably slot into the LT role behind Andrew Whitworth. Evans was a great college player and will benefit from time spent behind a player like Whitworth.

Wisconsin RT David Edwards was the final player selected on the offense. He has a great foundation and is a solid run blocker. A guy with his size has a lot of upside and continues to impress as he grows into a fine player. He will sit in the depth chart for now but has a clear future in the NFL.


Washington Safety Taylor Rapp (61) will sit behind Eric Weddle at FS for now but expect Rapp to be the starter in no time. He covers a lot of ground in the backfield and is dominate in the contest. His speed and prowess will see him elevated to starter before seasons end.

David Long (97) is another solid pick up for the Rams. The CB from Michigan is a talented player but will have a harder time getting into the first team sitting behind Marcus Peters.

Greg Gaines (134) DT from Washington is another great pick up, he will sit behind one of the best in the game in Aaron Donald. Don’t expect to see much of him unless Donald wants a rest, or the game has already been won.

With the final pick of the Rams draft, they selected Dakota Allen (251) from Texas Tech. The LB is a class above, he stalks the backfield and will be a threat to the starter job currently held by former Packer Clay Matthews. Expect Allen to get a run this season and cement the role going forward.

Grade - A

The Rams have added all the right players in positions of need. This was a master class on how to draft in the NFL. It also helps to have a solid team as a starting point. The future is bright in LA.

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