Having Time To Reflect On The Rams Win

Today is a new day and new time to reflect on yesterday's game. First off I still hate the Patriots lol. I know I should be a little more bias-free but I am ready for somebody else for a change. But the biggest thing I want to reflect on is the Rams vs Saints game. Here was my initial reaction after the Rams beat the Saints.

It is probably easier for me to admit my error not being a Saint's fan, but it was not the Rams fault the call was not made and they happened to benefit from the non-call. So to say they didn't deserve the win was unjust towards them. Down 13-0 on the road and made the right plays to win the game, cannot take that away from them.

On the flip side, the Saints had this game won multiple times. Instead, they put the game into a position where the referees could decide the outcome. Their play calling in the last two minutes allowed the Rams a chance to preserve their timeouts and have over a minute left on the clock.

Now speaking as a football fan and with all of this mind, I have to say the non-call was such a bad look for the NFL. Instead of talking about the Rams winning the game and doing what they needed to do to win the game, all we can talk about is how they won. And not by making the right plays but the terrible officiating.

People commented on my post but what about this missed call and that missed call that benefited the Saints. And maybe the non-call was the football Gods setting things right for the Rams. But it all looks bad for the NFL to have games decided by bad calls and/or missed calls.

We see the missed calls a lot as we watch our favorite pass time. And it's easy to say, well in real-time I understand this call or that called. But the pass interference non-call was such a blatantly obvious mistake that it tainted what ended up being a very good game with two very good teams. I don't know where the league goes from here, but they need to fix their officiating on the field.

For what it is worth the NFL did say they made a mistake, but that won't help the pissed off Saints' players or their fans

If it ain’t football news, is it worth reading?

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