2020 NFL Draft Quarterbacks Top 10

2020 NFL Draft Quarterbacks Top 10 - v1.0

It’s that time of the year again when we take a deep dive into the potential 2020 Draft Class. This article, the 2020 NFL Draft Quarterbacks Top 10, will cover the best QBs looking to make an impact in the 2019 College season, before being drafted in 2020. So why wait? Let's do this thing!

2020 NFL Draft Quarterbacks Top 10

Justin Herbert Oregon

Justin Herbert - Oregon

This kid can sling the pill. Excellent footwork and poise in the pocket. Herbert is one of the most accurate passes in the class. Feet placement is so good he throws comfortably off balance when he must. He is composed and has an impressive footballing IQ. There is a lot to like about the Oregon product heading into his final season with the Ducks. He was outstanding in 2017, having only played in eight games. He dropped off a little toward the end of 2018, but still produced over 3,000 yards.

Not only does he have one of the most direct passes in college football, but he also loves to run the ball and mix it up with the best of them. His vision is unbelievable, he almost sees the movement before it happens. Great QB to watch and should continue to impress in 2019.

Loves throwing a deep ball to test out the opposition.

Fun to watch. Could be the best in the 2020 class. Only time will tell. Definitely top 3.

Jake Fromm - Georgia

Jake Fromm - Georgia

Fromm is an exceptional talent with a huge ceiling. He made two 5-star QBs transfer away from Georgia, as he was to get the starting role. He is a natural thrower of the ball and his motion is sharp. He is clean and accurate inside 20-30 yards. Sets up the run game well with great silky-smooth handoffs.

He drops back too much on most plays for mine, but if that’s where he is comfortable, then that’s the best way for him to play. He lacks arm strength and doesn’t often throw balls too far downfield. Needs to show more in 2019 to be considered in the first round.

Jacob Eason - Washington

Jacob Eason - Washington

We only have 2016 tape to go off so far. He was injured at the start of 2017 season and opted to transfer that year. He sat out 2018 and will start the 2019 season with the Washington Huskies.

All reports suggested that Eason was looking to declare for the 2019 draft but decided to get another year under his belt first. The Huskies offer him an opportunity to grow as a player and take on a new challenge before making the leap into the big time.

Eason throws a great deep ball, has a strong arm and all the right athleticism to be a solid NFL QB. He shows great pocket presence and anticipates the rush on him.

He has a very quick delivery once he gets the ball on his hands.

We haven’t really seen him play for two seasons. He needs to show us what he can do again.

If he can replicate his 2016 form, he will go in the 1st round of the 2020 draft.

Brian Lewerke – Michigan State

Brian Lewerke – Michigan State

Lewerke is an up and down QB. Michigan State fans love and hate him, sometimes in the same quarter. He has the potential to be Tom Brady, but also could be Matt Cassel. He can throw some brilliant passes that will land on a dime, but he can also throw some horrible ones.

Footwork and anticipation are unreal, you cannot teach the gifts this kid has. Doesn’t mind getting his skates on and taking the ball forward himself, which is nice to see.

Needs to stop the rot of horrible passes. If you cannot make the throw, throw the ball away. You don’t have to be 100 percent accurate on every throw. Sometimes he tries too hard. Needs a big jump up in production in 2019 or he may drop to the later rounds.

Needs to have a huge 2019 to be in the mix for a high draft pick. Look for him in the mid rounds.

Sam Ehlinger - Texas

Sam Ehlinger - Texas

Has turned the Longhorns team around since he was handed the reigns and they haven’t looked back. This kid is fun to watch. A strong arm, great pocket presence, and vision make him a hard man to bring to the ground. Almost lifts and plays better when under pressure. Has made many clutch throws while being hunted by an edge rusher.

He has a nice action, a great deep ball and solid footwork from the snap.

Loves to tuck the ball under his arm, lower the body and rush for multiple TDs of his own.

Has suffered from AC Contusions in his throwing shoulder. May or may not be a problem, just something to note.

Love this guy. 1st round grade. Just depends who needs a QB and where he lands.

K.J. Costello - Stanford

K.J. Costello - Stanford

At 6’4”, Costello is one of the tallest QBs in the class. He has a nice arm, despite having an awkward throwing action, but whatever works for you man, keep doing it. He improved a lot in 2018 and will be better again this season. Footwork is great, as is his pocket presence and his ability to think on his feet. The pocket often collapses around him and he manages to get the ball away. Calm under pressure.

Deep ball accuracy is great as is his arm strength. Accuracy can use some work, but he is heading in the right direction.

Likes to run the football, not always in the right direction. With his improvements in 2018, he threw more interceptions. This is something he needs to get under control.

Costello is a capable QB. Probably not an instant starter in the NFL, but he has the potential to be one day if he lands on the right team. Look for him in the 3rd round.

Joe Burrows - LSU

Joe Burrows - LSU

Played 10 games for Ohio State in three seasons before transferring to LSU in 2018.

During his first season with LSU, they improved out of sight and finished the season ranked 6th overall, just missing a playoff berth. I watch more LSU games than most, so I am the best to cover the rise of Joe Burrows.

He has flashes of brilliance during his career, has a strong arm, great deep ball accuracy, loves to tuck the ball under the wing and run downfield. He is a strong presence on the field who can evade tackles and thinks well on his feet.

He has good size and athleticism. His accuracy is great, only having five intercepts in 2018. Is a good leader and will have an improved O-line in 2019.

Needs to improve his pocket presence and footballing IQ. I think we have seen how good he can be, he has a low floor and could fall to the later rounds with an average 2019.

I am a fan of Joe Burrow; he has the ability to an NFL starter or a perennial backup. He needs a massive year in 2019 to lift his draft stocks.

Feleipe Franks - Florida

Feleipe Franks - Florida

Franks is a talented QB who has improved year on year under new coach Dan Mullen. He was a top recruit out of High School. He has a powerful arm, good throwing motion and has awareness of what is happening around him. Changing plays on the run come easy to him. He scrambles well when needed.

He struggled a lot as a freshman. Not accurate enough, complete less than 60 percent of passes in the first two years. Needs to sharpen up the part of his game.

He also needs to work on his footwork, he is almost sluggish at times.

If he continues to improve as he did from 2017 to 2018, he will be talked about in the 2nd round.

If 2019 is a poor year for him and the Gators, he could drop to the later rounds.

Tua Tagovailoa - Alabama

Tua Tagovailoa - Alabama

We have all seem Tua destroy the competition in recent years in College Football. He has a great arm, constantly makes NFL caliber plays and is afraid to run the ball. He has a good footballing IQ,

It's hard to find a downside to Tua. There is one thing, he has been blessed with great receivers and a good O-line for years and has benefited from being able to use these to his advantage. Only time will tell how good he can be if he ends up on a rubbish NFL team with a bad O-line.

He will be drafted in the 1st round, guaranteed, just depends on how good of a season he has in 2019 compared to Jake Fromm and which NFL team needs a QB.

Jordan Love - Utah State

Jordan Love - Utah State

Love is a fun player to watch. The run game in Utah is non-existent after seeing him throw for over 3,500 yards in 2018. He doubled his workload from 2017 to 1028 and will look to grow as a player again in 2019. He has an incredible arm; deep ball accuracy is intense as is his pocket presence. Sure, most of his games have come against lesser opponents, but he is still producing quality numbers and has great accuracy. 32 TDs and just 6 intercepts are some great numbers.

Footwork and composure under pressure are tight as is his ability to think on his feet.

Doesn’t like to run too much and can make some stupid throws at times. Complete 64 percent of passes in 2018. This kid can ball. Look for him in the mid rounds of the 2020 Draft.

Honorable Mentions;

Nate Stanley – Iowa

Steven Montez – Colorado

Shea Patterson – Michigan

Jalen Hurts - Oklahoma

Cole McDonald - Hawaii

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