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2020 NFL Draft Tight Ends Top 10 - v1.0

Top 10 Tight Ends for the 2020 NFL Draft

It’s that time of the year again when we take a deep dive into the potential 2020 Draft Class. This article, the 2020 NFL Draft Tight Ends Top 10, will cover the best TEs looking to make an impact in the 2019 College season, before being drafted in 2020. So why wait? Let's do this thing!

Luke Farrell - Ohio State

Luke Farrell – Ohio State

Ferrell was building momentum at the back end of 2018 and will look to continue his good from this season. Shows confidence and the team has confidence in him to make plays. He is good for 2-4 catches a game and makes them count. A great fighter for every yard, great with yards after contact. A big target. One of the best blockers in the class.

Needs to work on his route tree. The Buckeyes have a new QB in 2019, so we are yet to see how this will affect him going forward.

Played nine games in 2018, had 20 catches for 205 yards and a solo TD.

Great player. Huge effort, always looking to grow. Look for him in the mid rounds of the 2020 draft.

Jared Pinkney - Vanderbilt

Jared Pinkney – Vanderbilt

Pinkney is the best Senior in the class. He could’ve come out in 2019 but he wanted to graduate and had some goals he hadn’t achieved yet. He is a big guy which makes him a constant threat. Great pass catcher and blocker who gets open on plays and runs well-executed routes.

Shows good burst off the line and speed throughout the route. Great hands with a huge catch radius. He gives players problems with his physicality. Control his body well and is one of the top prospects in this class.

Across the last three seasons, he has had 94 receptions for 1,327 yards at an average of 14.1 with 12 TDs.

Look for him in the early 2nd.

Hunter Bryant Washington TE

Hunter Bryant – Washington

Bryant was one of the best recruits coming out of High School but hasn’t been able to stay healthy thus far. Just 14 games played in two years. When he is on the field, he is a huge downfield threat. Shows great speed and creates separation well. This guy is a top prospect.

He is a natural receiver of the ball and a fluid player. He could play at WR in the NFL.

If he can play a full season in 2019, we will see him go in the early 2nd round of the 2020 Draft.

Harrison Bryant - FAU

Harrison Bryant – Florida Atlantic

Bryant is a prototypical TE. He creates separation, is athletic and can run with the best of them. He will never be called on his effort, he is all heart. Can block as well, which will bode well for him in the big leagues. Played at OT in High School, before losing weight to be a TE. Reads plays well and has a good football IQ.

Not an elite blocker due to his size, his opponents have natural leverage on him as he is tall. But he gives it his all.

83 receptions for 1133 yards at 13.7 with nine TDs.

All in all, a good TE, who is continuing to grow into a great one. Look for him in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

Albert Okwuegbunam - Missouri

Albert Okwuegbunam - Missouri

Albert O is a dangerous TE who produces big plays when utilized. Has great speed, gets separation and has a great catch radius. When loose in the backfield he makes defenders uncomfortable with his skill set. Great hands through contact. Plays mostly up the middle.

He is a huge red-zone threat due to his massive wingspan and will project well into the NFL with these traits.

He is lazy. Gives up on plays all the time when he knows the ball isn’t coming to him. Thinks he is better than he is. Can’t block at all, or simply doesn’t want to.

In the last two seasons, he has had 72 receptions for 881 yards and 17 TDs.

Could be a better WR in the NFL. I’ve seen him mocked as number 1 TE all the way to the 5th round. He needs to be a better team player and not focus on himself so much in 2019. Let’s go safe and put him in the 3rd round.

Grant Calcaterra - Oklahoma

Grant Calcaterra – Oklahoma

Calcaterra is a great tight end but is underused by the Sooners in the last two seasons, they have had some incredible receivers in that time. He often pulls a good defender off someone else to cover him. Opening the field for everyone else. He makes great one-handed and two-handed catches and runs a nice route from a big route tree. Almost has a WR style about him. Blocks well and is a threat at all times.

Things are looking up for him in 2019 as he will get a lot of targets with WR CeeDee Lamb. With a solid season this year, he will be the TE1 in the 2020 draft.

Brycen Hopkins - Purdue

Brycen Hopkins – Purdue

Hopkins is an exceptional TE who brings a lot to their team. He is explosive out of the blocks and has great use of hands in the contest and whilst blocking. Has hips like a Spanish dancer, but better to watch on the field.

He is the go-to guy when the team is in trouble. As a 5th year senior, he has the experience and composure to make the big plays under pressure. Never gives up on a play. Has a nice duke and sidestep. Makes great yards after contact.

In three seasons, he has 69 receptions he has 1115 yards at 16.2 for nine TDs.

Hopkins will be a valued player for any NFL franchise. He is the most complete package in this class and will be in the top two TEs come April 2020.

Colby Parkinson - Stanford

Colby Parkinson – Stanford

At 6’7”, Parkinson is a huge target. He only played six games in 2017 but managed 10 receptions and four TDs. 2018 was a better year with 29 receptions for seven TDs. Will always come down with the ball, has a huge catch radius and blocks like a man possessed. He runs a great route and is exceptional under the deep ball downfield. He takes long strides, as is rather nimble and quick for a guy his size. Huge redzone threat.

Had a day out against Oregon State with six catches for four TDs.

Solid TE. Really like what I see from him. Look for him in the late 2nd round, early 3rd.

Mitchell Wilcox - USF

Mitchell Wilcox - USF

As a freshman in 2016, he averaged 23.2 yards per reception in what was a standout year. He plays everywhere on the field for USF, more like a receiver than a TE. Excellent hands with a good catch radius. He catches well through contact and is almost fearless when attacking the ball. Runs a great route and shows poise and concentration when it's needed.

Not a blocker. Needs to work on that.

During his three playing seasons, he had 72 receptions for 976 yards at 13.6 with six TDs.

Will have a bigger role in 2019 with less talented WR and a new QB. If he can produce some of his early form, he will be inside the top 10 TE in the draft. Look for him in the early 3rd round. Could be a WR in the NFL.

Jacob Breeland - Oregon

Jacob Breeland – Oregon

Breeland was a high school WR and still has some of that talent in his game. He is a breakaway player downfield. Runs a great route and shows nice hands in the contest. Won't often be beaten for a ball in the air.

Gained weight to be a TE and lost some explosiveness. Needs to work on blocking.

Played 24 games in three years with 48 receptions for 820 yards at an impressive 17.1 with seven TDs.

Probably a better WR than a TE. Needs a huge 2019 to be considered in the top 10 TEs. It will help that Justin Herbert is returning for another year and will aim to link up with Breeland more. Late 3rd round for me.

Honorable Mention:

Josiah Deguara - Cincinnati

Tyler Mabry - Maryland

Joey Magnifico - Memphis

Carl Tucker - North Carolina

Matt Bushman - BYU

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