NFL Draft Top 10 Positional Rankings: EDGE Edition

1. Nick Bosa, Ohio State, Junior (6'4" 266lbs)

Nick Bosa - EDGE

  • Board Ranking: #2
  • Round Grade: 1
  • Draft Prediction: Early Day One

The younger Bosa brother enters the draft with as much, if not more hype than older brother Joey. Nick brings the same exact skill set that his brother brought with a special blend of athleticism, size, and technique. Bosa is a complete defensive end that plays both the run and pass as good as it gets for an NFL prospect. If able to stay healthy, Bosa brings Pro Bowl potential to the table as a pass rusher.

2. Josh Allen, Kentucky, Junior (6'5" 262lbs)

Josh Allen - EDGE

  • Board Ranking: #3
  • Round Grade: 1
  • Draft Prediction: Early Day One

There is no prospect in this draft that developed on the field more from 2017 to 2018 than Kentucky’s Josh Allen. Allen has a freaky length to pair with his freaky athleticism as a pass rusher. Allen not only made strides as a pass rusher but also became a better run defender as well by adding mass to be stronger at the point of attack. If Allen can continue to develop, and learn how to consistently use his length and athleticism, he could wind up being the best EDGE in this draft class.

3. Brian Burns, Florida State, Junior (6'5" 249lbs)

Brian Burns - EDGE

  • Board Ranking: #4
  • Round Grade: 1
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day One

If there’s an EDGE in this class with a higher ceiling than Florida State’s Brian Burns, I haven’t watched him yet. Burns is a freak athlete with elite length, explosiveness, and change of direction skills for the position. Burns size has been in question this entire offseason, but he showed the ability to add some weight at the combine without losing any of his burst. It could take Burns a year to adapt, but don’t be surprised if in a year or two he’s one of the hottest players from this class.

4. Montez Sweat, Mississippi State, Senior (6'6" 260lbs)

Montez Sweat - EDGE

  • Board Ranking: #13
  • Round Grade: 1
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day One

After domination the Senior Bowl, and blowing up the combine, Montez Sweat has solidified himself as one of the most intriguing EDGE prospects in this draft class. Sweat brings intriguing size and length to the table but tested out as one of the best EDGE prospects to ever participate in the NFL scouting combine. While needing some development as a pass rusher, Sweat has all the traits to become a very productive defensive end that can play a role in any scheme.

5. Clellin Ferrell, Clemson, r-Junior (6'4" 264lbs)

Clelin Ferrell - DE

  • Board Ranking: #21
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day One

Unlike most of the guys listed above him, Ferrell relies more on technique and strength to win, instead of freaky athletic ability, size, and change of direction skills. While showing apparent struggles to bend, and play as a flexible weakside-defensive end, Ferrell showed a great ability to get upfield converting his speed-to-power, using a nasty long-arm, and the ability to control blockers with power at the point of attack. Ferrell certainly won't "wow" you with his speed and burst, but can be an effective base end for many years in the NFL. Has some DeMarcus Lawrence to his game.

6. Jachai Polite, Florida, Junior (6'3" 258lbs)

Jachai Polite - EDGE

  • Board Ranking: #30
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

Jachai Polite on the field is one of the most dynamic pass rushers in this draft. Jachai Polite off the field has a long ways to go. Polite showcased his natural pass rushing ability at Florida this past season using impressive burst, speed, and shoulder-bend to win the edge, flatten out, and bring the quarterback down in a hurry. Polite has the best first step in this class and showcased an inside swim move as well. Polite plays with much better athleticism on tape than he showed at the combine and his pro day. If a team feels fine with Polite off the field, they will be getting a top 10 caliber player, late on day two of the NFL draft.

7. Chase Winovich, Michigan, r-Senior (6'3" 256lbs)

Chase Winovich - EDGE

  • Board Ranking: #34
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

Many analysts will have the other Michigan EDGE rusher, Rashan Gary ranked ahead of Chase Winovich, but not me. Winovich has impressive size, athleticism, but the one thing that sticks out on film is Winovich's technique as a pass rusher and weak-side linebacker. Winovich showcased a variety of pass rush moves (spin, swim, rip, cross-chop) to get to the quarterback, but his best trait is his effort. Winovich has an extraordinary motor and plays with relentless effort for 100% of the snaps. Winovich's versatility to play both as a 4-3 weak-side defensive end, or a 3-4 outside linebacker, will hold great value in his draft stock.

8. Christian Miller, Alabama, Senior (6'3" 247lbs)

Christian Miller - EDGE

  • Board Ranking: #40
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day Two

Similar to Chase Winovich, Christian Miller is a versatile OLD/DE that can find himself a role in any scheme. Miller's best tape is when he's screaming off the edge rushing the passer, but some teams really like him as a SAM linebacker in 4-3 schemes. Miller is undersized, but plays with great speed, knows how to get skinny to live in the backfield, and has a freaky length to get to the quarterback or bring down the ball carrier in the backfield. Miller has some injury concerns, but when healthy, has some of the best EDGE tapes in this class. Could be a massive steal on day two.

9. Rashan Gary, Michigan, Junior (6'4" 277lbs)

Rashan Gary - EDGE

  • Board Ranking: #50
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Early Day One

Rashan Gary is one of the "freaks" in this years draft class. At 6'4" 277lbs, Gary moves similar and you could say even better than many linebackers and defensive backs. Gary showcases impressive burst off the snap, which allows him to win the edge before the play even starts. Gary also showcases impressive speed-to-power skills and plays with an impressive motor. Gary has plenty of developing to do with his technique, counter moves, and ability to threaten the edge on a more consistent basis, but Rashan Gary has elite traits, and that's why he'll be drafted in the top half of the first round.

10. D'Andre Walker, Georgia, Senior (6'2" 251lbs)

D'Andre Walker - EDGE

  • Board Ranking: #61
  • Round Grade: 3
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day Two

D'Andre Walker has been one of the more underrated EDGEs in this draft class. While likely needing to add some mass to his frame, Walker possesses impressive length, power, and burst in his pass rush plan. Walker has some slipperiness to his game which allows him to live in the backfield. Offensive lineman really struggles to get their hands latched onto Walker's chest plate due to ideal arm length, and the ability to use his hands to fight off offensive lineman. Walker is likely a fit as an OLB in 3-4 schemes due to his size but can make an impact as a rotational pass rusher in year one, with the potential to start as he continues to develop.

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