NFL Draft Top 10 Positional Rankings: Offensive Line Edition

1. Jawaan Taylor, Florida, Junior, OT (6'5" 312lbs)

Jawaan Taylor - OT

  • Board Ranking: #5
  • Round Grade: 1 Draft
  • Prediction: Early Day One

It's rare to have a primary right tackle head the list of offensive lineman in an NFL Draft class, especially one as talented as this one, but Jawaan Taylor is just that good. Taylor is the best pass blocking lineman in this class that plays with excellent footwork, athleticism, strength, and hand placement. Taylor brings a nasty mentality to his run blocking game.

2. Jonah Williams, Alabama, Junior, OT (6'4" 302lbs)

Jonah Williams - OT

  • Board Ranking: #9
  • Round Grade: 1
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day One

Jonah Williams brings the versatility, athletic ability, and technique to excel both at left tackle and left a guard at the NFL level. Williams shows good ability as both a pass blocker and run blocker but lacks the ideal length that teams look for in left tackles. Williams is one of the more technically sound linemen in this draft class and should be drafted in the top half of the first round.

3. Cody Ford, Oklahoma, r-Junior, OT (6'4" 329lbs)

Cody Ford - OT

  • Board Ranking: #14
  • Round Grade: 1
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day One

Oklahoma's Cody Ford was built in an offensive lineman workshop. Standing at 6'4" 329lbs, Ford has ideal size, and versatility to play both tackle and guard at the next level. Ford has moves surprisingly well for a big guy, despite what his combine numbers would suggest. Ford plays with tremendous strength at the point of attack to control defensive lineman with his hands, and upper body strength. Ford is impressive both in his pass sets and run blocking.

4. Garrett Bradbury, North Carolina State, r-Senior, OC (6'3" 306lbs)

Garrett Bradbury - OC

  • Board Ranking: #17
  • Round Grade: 1
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day One

Garrett Bradbury has an impressive blend of size, athleticism, and power to develop into one of the better centers in the NFL. Bradbury fits the "dancing bear' narrative that old school analysts like to throw around. Bradbury is an ultra-intelligent center that knows how to read defenses, and as soon as he gets his 10 1/2" hands on you, it's game over. If not for the lack of arm length, we'd likely be talking about Garrett Bradbury going in the top 10 as a center. His tape and traits are just that impressive.

5. Dalton Risner, Kansas State, r-Senior, OT (6'5" 312lbs)

Dalton Risner - OT

  • Board Ranking: #19
  • Round Grade: 1-2
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day One 

Kansas State OL Dalton Risner is one of the more physically opposing and versatile offensive linemen in this draft class. Risner plays with great tenacity in the running game but isn't overly aggressive in his pass sets. Risner can lineup at tackle, guard, and even center thanks to his size, athleticism, and technique. His ability to play with his nasty edge, but also be calm, cool, and collective when needing to be more of a receiver in his pass blocking proves him to be one the more pro-ready prospects in this class.

6. Andre Dillard, Washington State, r-Senior, OT (6'5" 315lbs)

Andre Dillard - OT

  • Board Ranking: #27
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day One

Washington State's LT Andre Dillard is an interesting prospect to evaluate. For starters, he's one of the best athletes the NFL Draft has ever seen at the position. Dillard showcased a twitched up lower half that allows him to gain depth, recover, and move with ease when pass blocking, but can get out in space and wreak havoc as a run defender. Dillard's fit will work best in a zone blocking scheme, and technique needs to be coached up, but with his athletic ability and ability to block in space, zone blocking teams will love Dillard's ability.

7. Chris Lindstrom, Boston College, Senior, OG (6'4" 308lbs)

Chris Lindstrom - OG

  • Board Ranking: #38
  • Round Grade: 2 Draft
  • Prediction: Early Day Two 

Similar to Garrett Bradbury, Chase Lindstrom is a nasty SOB with rare athletic traits that will allow him to hang with the more athletic interior defensive lineman. Lindstrom plays with great flexibility in his lower half which allows him to mirror pass rushers, get to the second level, and recover when he does get beat with power. Lindstrom will need to improve on his strength, and his limitations due to his length, but the former Boston College interior lineman is a day one starter at guard or center for many NFL teams.

8. Dru Samia, Oklahoma, Senior, OG (6'5" 305lbs)

Dru Samia - OG

  • Board Ranking: #53
  • Round Grade: 2-3
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day Two

Dru Samia was apart of one of the most dominant offensive lines in college football history over the last two seasons, and his nastiness, run blocking ability, and versatility will keep him in the NFL for a nice long career. Samia has impressive size, and length to pair with above average athleticism which makes him a prime candidate to be drafted in a zone scheme where he can get out in space and go to work.

9. Erik McCoy, Texas A&M, r-Junior, OC (6'4" 303lbs)

Erik McCoy - OC

  • Board Ranking: #65
  • Round Grade: 3
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

This draft is loaded with talented centers, and Erik McCoy is one of the best ones. McCoy is a strong, athletic, long interior lineman that can lineup against the best of them and win his battles. McCoy plays with impressive athleticism to get to the second level, but can also stand toe-to-toe with the power rushers and hold his own. McCoy has very strong hands and lower half which help him recover when he does get overmatched with power. McCoy was one of the few interior linemen who gave Quinnen Williams, Christian Wilkins, and Dexter Lawrence issues when A&M visited Alabama and Clemson.

10. Elgton Jenkins, Mississippi State, r-Senior, OC (6'4" 310lbs)

Elgton Jenkins - OC

  • Board Ranking: #75
  • Round Grade: 3
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

As we mentioned with Erik McCoy, this center class is absolutely loaded, and Elgton Jenkins fits right end. Jenkins checks all the boxes with impressive size, length, and athleticism for the position, and has impressive tape to back it up. Jenkins possesses quality anchoring skills, gets to the second level with ease, and has some of the strongest hands in this class. Jenkins has some red flags with an assault charge on his record, but has stayed clean over the last three seasons, and has developed on the field in a big way.

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