NFL Draft Top 10 Positional Rankings: Wide Receiver Edition

1. D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss, r-Sophmore (6'3" 228lbs)

D.K. Metcalf - WR

  • Board Ranking: #10
  • Round Grade: 1
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day One

In a draft that lacks a true WR1, D.K. Metcalf stands tall as the best wideout in this class. Metcalf lacks the ideal route running ability, route tree, and has some health concerns entering the draft, but his physical and athletic traits will push him to the top of many scouts and draft analyst's boards ahead of the 2019 NFL Draft.

2. Hakeem Butler, Iowa State, r-Junior (6'5" 227lbs)

Hakeem Butler - WR

  • Board Ranking: #31
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Early Day Two

Hakeem Butler is one of the few cases of a prospect that helped his draft stock due to his combine performance. Butler answered most of his athletic questions with a strong combine performance. Due to his size, speed, and yards after the catch ability, NFL teams will view Butler as an X-receiver that can make plays above the rim, in the red zone, and even out of the slot. Butler has some developing to do but has one of the higher ceilings in this class.

3. Marquise Brown, Oklahoma, Junior (5'9" 166lbs)

Marquise Brown - WR

  • Board Ranking: #33
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day One

Oklahoma's Marquise Brown is built in the same mold as DeSean Jackson and Tyreek Hill. Brown is a dynamic deep threat with elite speed, ball tracking skills, and above average hands. Along with being a speed threat, Brown is the best route-runner in this draft class with a developed route-tree, thanks to his short-area quickness, and nuanced route running skills. Brown has some durability questions, along with some questions regarding his size, but if/when healthy, Marquise Brown is one of the best receivers and athletes in this draft class.

4. AJ Brown, Ole Miss, Junior (6'0" 226lbs)

A.J. Brown - WR

  • Board Ranking: #36
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

Ole Miss has a few receivers who could end up getting drafted in the top 100. D.K. Metcalf, A.J. Brown, and DeMarkus Lodge. A.J. Brown is again one of the more fun prospects in this class due to his route running ability and consistent hands. Brown has great size to line up both in the slot and outside and has a more developed route tree than his former teammates Metcalf and Lodge. Brown is one of the more pro-ready receiver prospects in this draft and will slide in as an immediate contributor in the slot.

5. Kelvin Harmon, North Carolina State, Junior (6'2" 221lbs)

NFL Draft Top 10 Positional Rankings: Wide Receiver Edition 1

  • Board Ranking: #37
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

Size, route running ability, and ball skills to win above the rim consistently at NC State. Harmon has some questions regarding his separation skills but can make a big impact as a possession receiver and red-zone threat in year one. Harmon plays with excellent strength, body control, and has reliable hands as an outside receiver. It may take him a year to fully develop, but look for Harmon to be this year's Mike Williams.

6. Deebo Samuel, South Carolina, r-Senior (5'11" 214lbs)

Deebo Samuel - WR

  • Board Ranking: #39
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

The best word to describe South Carolina's Deebo Samuel is "fun". While not being overly elite in any one trait, Deebo does everything well as a slot receiver. Samuel's route-running ability, YAC skills, hands, and athletic ability are all above average, and his return skills may be one of his best traits. Samuel will make an immediate impact as a slot at the next level with his ability to create after the catch and create consistent separation in the short-intermediate portion of the field. He will also be an immediate starter as a return man for almost any team that drafts him.

7. N'Keal Harry, Arizona State, Junior (6'2" 228lbs)

N'Keal Harry - WR

  • Board Ranking: #44
  • Round Grade: 2
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

N'Keal Harry and Hakeem Butler are almost identically prospects. They both win the same ways, and they both share very similar weaknesses. The difference for me is that Butler weighed in bigger, and tested just a tad bit better than Harry. Harry is no slouch. Listed at 6'2" 228lbs, Harry is one of the better physical X-receivers in this draft class. Harry is able to win at the catch point with his size, strength, and body control. Harry will need to work on better consistently separating, but will be able to make an impact early in his career out of the slot by beating off coverage.

8. Andy Isabella, UMass, Senior (5'9" 188lbs)

Andy Isabella - WR

  • Board Ranking: #59
  • Round Grade: 3
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day Two

Most wideouts with similar heights and weights to Andy Isabella are slot-only, underneath receivers with no down the field ability. That couldn't be further from the case for UMass's Andy Isabella. Isabella is a dynamic athlete with elite speed, quickness, and vertical threat potential. Isabella can lineup both in the slot and outside and make plays both underneath using his quickness off the line-of-scrimmage or take the top off of the defense with his elite vertical speed. Isabella brings great value as a return man and will be able to win in a variety of ways using his route running ability and athletic traits.

9. Riley Ridley, Georgia, Junior (6'1" 199lbs)

Riley Ridley - WR

  • Board Ranking: #60
  • Round Grade: 3
  • Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

Similar to Deebo Samuel, Riley Ridley lacks eliteness to his game but is an all-around great prospect at the receiver position. Lacking the ideal physical and athletic traits, Ridley makes up for his lack of size and speed with his nuanced route running skills, consistent hands, and an intriguing catch radius. Ridley plays bigger than his size would suggest, and has excellent ball skills to pair with his physical style of play. Ridley won't be one of the first receivers drafted, but he's one of the safest picks at the position in this class.

10. Emanuel Hall, Missouri, Senior (6'2" 201lbs)

NFL Draft Top 10 Positional Rankings: Wide Receiver Edition 2

  • Board Ranking: #63
  • Round Grade: 3
  • Draft Prediction: Late Day One

Possessing one of the more higher ceilings in this class, Missouri's Emanuel Hall has an impressive blend of physical and athletic traits to pair with his impressive ball tracking skills. Hall was primarily used as a deep threat in Missouri's offense but has the potential to be all around wideout in the NFL if he can develop as a route runner. Hall has some questions regarding his durability and overall toughness, but with Hall's height, weight, and speed he will look to follow a similar career path to Will Fuller when coming out of Notre Dame.

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