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NFL Draft Top 10 Positional Rankings: Running Back Edition

1. Damien Harris, Alabama, Senior (5'10" 216lbs)

Damien Harris - RB

Board Ranking: #28

Round Grade: 2

Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

Unlike many others, Damien Harris is my RB1 heading into the NFL Draft. Harris is a do-it-all back that can run between the tackles, outside of the tackles, and catch the ball out of the backfield. Harris' best trait is his vision, power in between the tackles, and extraordinary balance through contact. Harris has plenty of tread left on the tires and has a three-down back skill-set for the NFL.

2. Joshua Jacobs, Alabama, Junior (5'10" 220lbs)

Joshua Jacobs - RB

Board Ranking: #41

Round Grade: 2

Draft Prediction: Late Day One-Early Day Two

At 5'10" 220lbs, Joshua Jacobs plays no games when running the football. Jacobs shows great burst at the line of scrimmage to hit the hole and go. Along with his burst, Jacobs has above-average vision and plays with a low center of gravity which makes him a tough guy to bring down on the first contact. The combine did Jacobs no favors, but the tape shows a player that should be one of the first backs drafted in the 2019 NFL Draft.

3. Darrell Henderson, Memphis, Junior (5'8" 208lbs)

NFL Draft Top 10 Positional Rankings: Running Back Edition 1

Board Ranking: #47

Round Grade: 2

Draft Prediction: Mid-Late Day Two

Unlike the two backs listed above him, Darrell Henderson relies on his speed, ability to get skinny, and burst to be a consistent home run hitter both at Memphis and in the NFL. Henderson will fit best in a spread system where he's able to work laterally, let things develop, then hit the hole with an impressive burst. Henderson catches the football well both out of the backfield and when used down the field. Henderson is a tough guy to bring down to his small target area, and impressive contact balance.

4. Miles Sanders, Penn State, Junior (5'11" 211lbs)

Miles Sanders - RB

Board Ranking: #47

Round Grade: 3

Draft Prediction: Mid Day Two

One year after former-teammate Saquon Barkley took over the league, Miles Sanders is looking to follow in Barkley's footsteps. Sanders has three-down back potential due to his adequate vision, burst out of the hole, long-speed, and showed the ability to catch the football and stand in and block on third down. Sanders displays deadly cuts to make defenders miss, but also cut-and-burst for big gains on early downs. Miles Sanders has only 276 total carries at Penn State, and his best years are ahead of him.

5. Devin Singletary, Florida Atlantic, Junior (5'7" 203lbs)


Board Ranking: #57

Round Grade: 3

Draft Prediction: Late Day Two

One thing that always stinks in this process is when a player tape is incredible, then bombs the combine. That was exactly the case for Devin Singletary. On tape, Singletary shows electric speed, burst, and short area quickness to hit the home run, but also create his own yards with change of direction skills and above average vision. Singletary tested out as a poor athlete with poor size, those players normally do not find success in the NFL, but Singletary is a case where I'll trust the tape and stick with what I saw.

6. David Montgomery, Iowa State, Junior (5'10" 222lbs)

David Montgomery - RB

Board Ranking: #58

Round Grade: 3

Draft Prediction: Late Day Two

Iowa State's David Montgomery will not wow you with any one trait, but he's solid in every aspect of his game. While lacking game-changing speed, Montgomery runs with excellent vision and is impossible to bring down on the first contact despite his upright running style. Thickly built lower half allows him to run through arm tackles and gives defensive backs hell in the open field. Showed good awareness as a runner on when to use moves to break tackles. There are few questions surrounding David Montgomery outside of his long speed, and not having elite athletic ability.

7. Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M, Junior (5'8" 208lbs)

Trayveon Williams - RB

Board Ranking: #74

Round Grade: 3

Draft Prediction: Early Day Three

Quickness, burst, and pass catching skills are the three traits that make Trayveon Williams. Williams was handed the reigns as the Aggies lead back in 2018 and did not disappoint. After adding weight from 2017 to 2018, Williams ran with better power in between the tackles but did not lose any of his explosiveness as a runner. Williams ran with a low center of gravity which made him a tough guy to bring down even with him being undersized. Williams was a dynamic weapon in the receiving game for the Aggies, and that could potentially be his best role in the early stages of his NFL career due to his ability to pass-block and catch the football on third downs.

8. Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma, Junior (6'0" 224lbs)

Rodney Anderson - RB

Board Ranking: #77

Round Grade: 3

Draft Prediction: Early Day Three

Heading into 2018, Rodney Anderson was the top back on my board. Unfortunately for Anderson, he suffered yet another injury that only allowed him to finish one game for the Sooners in 2018. Without the injury history/concerns, we'd be talking about Anderson as a potential first-round pick due to his explosiveness, patience, and extraordinary contact balance for a taller back. Anderson, though the opportunities were few and far between, caught the football well and blocked well on third downs. If Rodney Anderson is able to stay healthy, he will be a steal for the team that takes the risk.

9. Justice Hill, Oklahoma State, Junior (5'10" 198lbs)

Justice Hill - RB

Board Ranking: #82

Round Grade: 3

Draft Prediction: Mid Day Three

Justice Hill is a rare talent at the running back position, and it's not for the reason you may think. In a day in age where everyone is looking for the next Alvin Kamara, Justice Hill may be the closest thing to it. Hill showed a great ability to catch the football at Oklahoma State, but also showed the speed, vision, and ball security to find success as an NFL runner despite his tall running style. Hill runs with great tenacity and can make defenders look silly with their tackling attempts.

10. Darwin Thompson, Utah State, Junior (5'8" 200lbs)

Darwin Thompson - RB

Board Ranking: #90

Round Grade: 3-4

Draft Prediction: Late Day Three

Crown me the king of the Darwin Thompson fan club. While being undersized, Thompson runs with a bull in a china shop mentality and plays much bigger than his height-weight would suggest. Thompson, like a lot of the guys listed above him, runs with an excellent center of gravity and is tough to bring down on the first contact. Thompson can run by you, through you, and around you if you don't take good pursuit angles, and has a highlight reel of him embarrassing defenders. Though the level of competition and size concerns are legit, Thompson, a former JUCO product has proved to be one of the toughest, hungriest runners in this draft class. Sign me up.

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