2020 NFL Draft Running Backs Top Ten

2020 NFL Draft Running Backs Top Ten - v1.0

The best RBs in the 2020 NFL draft class.

Let's look at one unit at a time starting with the 2020 NFL Draft Class Running Backs Top Ten.

This article will cover the best RBs looking to make an impact in the 2019 College season, before being drafted. Without further ado let's dive into the 2020 NFL Draft Running Backs Top Ten.

Travis-Etienne-ClemsonTravis Etienne - Clemson

Etienne is hands down the fastest RB we have seen in many years. He doesn’t know how to slow down. Once he takes the ball under his wing, he lifts his head, uses great vision and awareness, finds the gap, puts the foot down and he is gone. I am yet to see anyone chase him down. The power in his leg in unbelievable. The drive and determination to get into the next level are a testament to his years of training.

He has a great cut back and dominates angles while dancing between players in the secondary.

Over 200 carries in 2018 for a whopping 1658 yards. That is an average of 8.1 yards-per-carry. That’s just not fair. 24 TDs in 15 games isn’t half bad either.

Etienne comes for the Clemson system, just they have a good O-line to protect him as he runs, but they also have an incredible QB who loves to throw the ball. That’s what makes these numbers so impressive.

This kid needs to be taken seriously, I don’t care if you already have Zeke Elliott or Saquon Barkley, If Etienne is on the board you take him. 1st round.

d'andre-swift-georgiaD’Andre Swift – Georgia

Swift is the new age RB the NFL is in love with. You won’t find him getting the ball and running 100mph into the defensive line, he has poise, vision, and a wicked sidestep. These characteristics allow him to find the crease and make his move between defenders instead of knocking them over.

Not only that, he is a quality receiver. Georgia often runs play action involving him and this will help to lift his draft grade come April. Swift adapts well to every situation and has a solution to almost every problem he is faced with.

Great burst and acceleration see him as one of the hardest players to defend. He usually breaks the first tackle and is hard to bring to the ground. Swift plays with a finesse that we don’t often see for RB.

He sat behind Sony Michel and Nick Chubb in 2017 and still racked up over 600 yards on the ground.

Najee-Harris-AlabamaNajee Harris – Alabama

Physical traits are unbelievable, he runs hard, uses his hands well to fend off defenders. Loves to hurdle other players. Shows great agility and composure when running with the ball under his wing. He has change-of-direction speed and often losses a defender in motion when changing gears. Runs a bit like Derrick Henry, powerful and hard, but not explosive. He isn’t a pretty player, but he gets the job done, which is all that matters in the end.

Sat behind some good RBs over the last two seasons. Needs to show what he learned and improve on every aspect of his game 3rd time around.

jonathan-taylor-wisconsinJonathan Taylor – Wisconsin

Wisconsin has one play, hand the ball to Taylor. He has rushed a whopping 606 times over his first two seasons for 4171 yards and 29 TDs. Sure, he has a nice stutter step, runs with purpose and fights for every yard even with players hanging off him. But its only one guy. Even the defense knows that Taylor will get the ball and he still uses his size, speed, and body strength to throws defender aside and head towards the goal line.

Rushed for 321 yards in a game against Purdue in 2018. Also scored three TDs.

He will achieve the NCAA rushing record mid-way through this upcoming 2019 season if he stays healthy.

Taylor is a great RB, but you can’t imagine he can keep this up for years to come. He needs to be in the NFL where his workload can be managed better. Late 1st round.

Eno-Benjamin-Arizona-StateEno Benjamin – Arizona State

Benjamin is the prototypical new-age RB the NFL loves. Although a little more towards the traditional RB style. He had a monster workload in 2018 which consisted of 300 carries for 1,642 yards with 16 TDs. He also caught 35 passes for 263 yards at 7.5 and two TDs. He is a versatile player who combines athleticism with agility and speed to get the best out of his body.

He is a dynamic runner of the ball who makes a living from making defenders miss. He has amassed 83 missed tackles in his first two seasons in college, the 2nd most in the FBS.

Look for him in the late 1st, early 2nd rounds.

J.K.-Dobbins-Ohio-StateJ.K. Dobbins – Ohio State

Dobbins knows how to be a RB. He knows he doesn’t need to run full steam into the line and crash defenders over to get yards. With poise, vision, and awareness of the game around him to find the gaps between players and move his team downfield.

He runs with a purpose, but also has the hands to be a dual threat in the NFL. His first step is quick and often jumps off well. He took a backward step in 2018, after a stellar 2017. Mainly due to changing QBs from T.J. Barrett to Dwayne Haskins. Haskins is a baller and Barrett is more of a hand-off guy.

Needs to show more in 2019 to be considered in the top tier.

A.J.-Dillon-Boston-CollegeA.J. Dillon – Boston College

Dillon is an angry young man on the football field and is a joy to watch. He fights for every yard and is incredibly hard to tackle. He uses those huge thighs to push his big frame through one defender and onto the next.

He gains the hard yards, averaging only 4.9 yards-per-carry in 2018. Which was down from his 5.3 yards-per-carry in 2017.  These numbers say two things, he would play better in front of a great O-line and he isn’t afraid of grinding out the yards for his team.

He knows how to find the right lane and pushes his foot to the ground and takes every crease he can. He is an excitement machine and will be on everyone’s radar come April 2020.

Dillon is a good RB, not a great. The more he continues to grow as a player, the better he will become. He has a high ceiling and doesn’t leave anything on the field. He gives his all every week. NFL teams will respect this. Look for him in the late 1st, early 2nd rounds.

Ke-Shawn-Vaughn-VanderbiltKe'Shawn Vaughn – Vanderbilt

Vaughn started his college career in Illinois before sitting out 2017 and transferring to Vanderbilt, where he set the league on fire. In 2018, he has 1,244 rushing yards with 12 TDs, he also caught 13 passes for 170 yards and two TDs.

At 5’9” he is one of the shortest players in the class, but he may be the hardest to tackle. He is rather elusive and agile for a little fella. He Has speed to burn and often gets away from players in his first few strides. A wicked sidestep and stutter step, have him as a player you must watch in 2019.

A big 2019 and we could be talking about Vaughn in the 1st round of the 2020 draft. Maybe.

Cam-Akers-Florida-StateCam Akers – Florida State

Akers had a great season in 2018, despite playing behind the worst O-line in college football. He averaged 4.4 yards-per-carry and had 6 TDs. He also caught 23 passes for 145 yards and two TDs.

He comes from a QB background and reads the play in front of him well enough to adjust his style during his run. Has a great football IQ, shows tremendous athleticism and a fluid running style.

There is a lot to like about a guy who doesn’t give up and works hard for his team in any circumstances. Look for his explosiveness to continue in 2019, hopefully with an improved O-line.

Look for him late in the 2nd round.

Illinois Michigan State football at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, IL on Saturday, November 5, 2016.

Reggie Corbin – Illinois

Some of you might not know the name Reggie Corbin, but you will after the 2019 season. Corbin isn’t a feature back, he works better in a committee, as shown by his tape from his recent season with Illinois. He reminds us of Tarek Cohen. He is happy to do the dirty work as well. He blocks for his teammates and produces the goods when needed.

Corbin is elusive, has a nice step and great footwork. He is fun to watch and can match it with the best of them on his day. He is one guy we should all keep an eye on in 2019.

Great player. Needs to show he can improve on a great 2018. Probably won’t be an RB1 with any NFL team, but would work great in a two-man backfield. Look for him in the 3rd or 4th rounds.

Honorable Mentions

Anthony McFarland Jr. – Maryland

Kylin Hill – Mississippi State

J.J. Taylor – Arizona

Lamical Perine - Florida

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