New User Guide

Your activity feed is your own private sports arena. It is populated as you “follow” or “friend” other users.  So dive right into the “Community” and find fellow sports fans you want to let into your arena!

There are several ways you can login to Sports Talk Line

  1. Via registered username
  2. Via registered e-mail
  3. Via Facebook account
  4. Via Twitter account

Adding more information to your profile will help us improve your experience.

  1. Add your profile picture.
    If you do not add your profile picture we cannot verify that you are a real user and your friends will not be able to befriend you (Your profile will not show in community search).
  2. Pick Your Favorite Sports/Leagues/Teams
    If you pick your favorites we will be able to personalize your “My Sports” feed with more relevant sports news from our Sports Directory. You will get content that you interested in.
  3. Adding your personal information, including your social media profiles will help us verify that you are a real user. 

If you fill in at least 80% of your profile you will be promoted to “Verified Users” Level. Verified User has more exciting perks for you to enjoy!

Sports Talk Line has 6 primary user roles

  1. Everybody starts as a member
  2. Verified Member – Any user can improve ones reputation by filling out 80% of their profile and get a “verified” checkmark next to their name. 
    Being verified dramatically increases recognition level.
    *users cannot progress to higher level without verification.
  3. Start Building your street cred and become Sports Opinion Leader (100 followers)
  4. Once you get well recognized and hit 1,000 followers you will be eligible to apply for promotion into Insider Level. Insider level will give you access to crazy new features including content monetization!!!
  5. If people like to see what you have to share and you build your status and will want to join Sports Talk Line Partnership program your profile will be manually reviewed. If you get accepted you will be promoted to the Sports Pundit! The Pundit has even more available tools to engage ones audience (Eligibility requirements – TBD)
  6. The Sports Influencer is our ultimate VIP role that must be earned! Eligibility requirements – TBD
  7. Contributor – This role severs as a tribute and special recognition to our former and existing content producers. It would not be possible to get here without their support and effort!

Sport Talk Line users have access to 2 sport feeds:

  1. Activity feed – here you will find all the content from your friends and people you follow
  2. My Sports feed – is a personalized feed of sports news that you customize when you edit your profile information. To customize the feed you need to select sports/leagues/teams that you want to follow. 

Sports Talk Line allows users 2 different types of interaction with other users.

  1. You can become a friend with someone by sending them a friend request. To become friends the other person needs to accept your friend request.
  2. You can follow someone. If you want to follow someone you can do that without them having to follow you back. You will see content these people produce in your activity but you are not be buddies.

Each user can create and join sport dedicated groups. Everyone can create public or private groups, where they can share their thoughts with other like minded individuals.

Sports Talk Line Directory is an elaborate database of sports content from all over the web. We use our sports directory to feed My Sports feed. Our directory is open to anybody to search for any sports related content they may be interested in. Insert the keyword and search. It’s that simple!

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