Villanova vs Kansas Odds and Prediction

Villanova vs Kansas Odds and Prediction

Its the Final Four as #2 Villanova takes on #1 Kansas on Saturday, April 2nd at 3:09 PM PST. The Kansas Jayhawks are a -4.5 PT favorite as we take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of these two teams.


Its the Final Four as #2 Villanova takes on #1 Kansas on Saturday, April 2nd at 3:09 PM PST. The Kansas Jayhawks are a -4.5 PT favorite as we take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of these two teams. Find out what our Villanova vs Kansas odds and prediction are below!

Villanova Strengths

The Villanova Wildcats play defense by keeping the ball and preventing opposition looks. Their defense keeps getting better every game, keeping Houston to 44 in the Elite Eight. They have excellent ball security, rarely get the ball stolen, and are making very view turnovers per game. They have an excellent three point shooting percentage and can dominate games by keeping possession and converting free throws at a high clip. Collin Gillespie has a 90% free throw rate this season, and the Wildcats are clutch in tight games down the stretch.

collin gillespie

Villanova Weaknesses

The way to beat Villanova is to use their small ball against them and force them inside. Don’t let them rain threes and get ahead. Their defense rarely gets blocks and has a tough time defending on the glass. They depend on their three ball and free throws to win games, so if Kansas can play D on the perimeter and score early, Nova won’t be able to use ball possession against them so effectively.

Kansas Strengths

Kansas love to score inside. They are explosive, they get lots of blocks, and they defend the arc well. They have an elite scoring game led by their two athletic guards, Agbaji and Braun, both over 6’5 and double digit scorers. Those two guards can also rain threes at a 40% clip, so Villanova will have to shut them down to have any hope of winning.

Ochai Agbaji

Kansas Weaknesses

If Agbaji and Braun are off, the 3P game is in trouble. Compared to Nova, Kansas are turnover prone. They live and die by their explosive offense and rely on their ability to create turnovers through blocks and steals. If Nova can turn the game into a three point contest, Kansas might give away one too many turnovers and find themselves chasing a Nova team that loves to hold the ball.

Villanova vs Kansas Odds and Prediction

Kansas have the better athletes and should dominate if they can get ahead early. Nova depends on a possession game and will likely falter under a sustained assault. Kansas’s perimeter D will test Nova’s 3p shooting. There’s no reason to think Kansas will fall, they are ranked #1 for a reason and their perimeter D should be able to handle Nova’s main offensive weapon. Kansas will get ahead early and Nova won’t be able to create enough turnovers to come back. 

-Lee Van Over
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