2021 NCAA Futures

2021 NCAA Futures Betting: An Ultimate Beginners Guide

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A fun way to experience the NCAA Tournament is to participate in sports betting. There are different options in betting to consider, but we will be focusing on futures today. Futures is a betting option where you have to predict the future winner of the tournament. You can bet on futures months before the tournament even begins. To bet on futures, you have to consider the Futures odds made by the oddsmaker.

But before you start placing your bets, you need to understand what future betting is and how it works. As a bettor, you need to be knowledgeable to bet wisely and become a consistent profitable sports bettor.

What is Futures Betting?

Futures betting is like trying to predict the future, but not with a crystal ball but through futures odds. These futures odds are set by oddsmakers and usually shown on sportsbook sites. Futures is a betting option on sports betting where you will be wagering on a team or player to win in the entire competition or season months before the tournament even starts.

How do you bet on futures?

Futures betting is not just for NCAA. You can also bet on futures on sports like NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS, and PGA championships. For today we will be focusing on how to bet on futures in the NCAA tournament.

In futures betting, you can always expect much better pricing when you place them much earlier. US bookmakers will provide pricing on the teams competing to be in the NCAA tournament.

To bet on futures, you have to look for a betting site of your choice. You will be shown futures odds for every team participating in the conference tournaments there. Futures odds usually have positive (+) and negative (-) signs on numbers listed alongside the participating team.

A positive (+) sign represents the underdog or the least expected to win in the tournament. They are signed a plus (+) sign to indicate that you will be getting a higher amount of money if that team wins.

On the other hand, a negative (-) sign represents the favorites or the team most likely to win in the tournament. It is signed negative because you will be betting more than you will receive if that team wins.

What is a vigorish, and how do you calculate it?

When betting on futures, you will bound to encounter the word vigorish which is abbreviated as vig. Vigorish or vig is the profit the bookmaker will gain no matter what team wins. It is hard to understand and read the odds. That is why it is usually removed to get a clearer picture. To understand how to calculate a vig, here’s an example of sports teams with their odds:

  •   West Virginia Mountaineers -9.5 -110
  •   Ohio State Buckeyes +9.5 -110

A bettor is required to bet $110 to win $100 on any of the two teams. This way, the bookmaker will get a $10 profit in each case.

Different Ways to Bet on Futures

Futures are not just betting on your favorite team to win. There are different ways to enjoy betting futures. Below are examples of different ways to bet on futures. In futures betting, you can:

1.        Bet on a Team to Win on Their Regular Season Conference Title

2.        Bet on the Winner of Conference Tournament

3.        Bet on a Team advancing on the sweet 16 or final four in the NCAA Tournament

4.        Bet on a Team to earn No.1 seed in the NCAA Tournament

5.        Bet on a Team to go OVER/UNDER a Win Total

6.        Bet on a Player to Win Wooden and Naismith Award

It is your choice on how you will enjoy betting on futures. The list above is just a guide for you, so you will have an idea of what to bet for.

Why do people bet on Futures? 

People bet on futures because they can enjoy their betting experience, not just in one game. For instance, the team you bet for lost and can never advance to the next game. You will have an opportunity to bet on another team until the tournament ends. Since it takes many things and time to win on futures bets, sportsbooks pay much more when you win on your bets.

Gamblers always enjoy both the feeling and idea of being smarter than everyone else and winning money. So being able to pick on a team to bet for and end up winning, in the end, makes you feel the smartest handicapper in town.


Betting on futures involves risk. But not just on futures, also in every form of gambling out there always involves risk. That is why you need to be very careful on placing bets. You need to understand first what you’re dealing with. The information above is just to guide you on your sports betting journey. It is your choice whether you bet on futures or not.

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