death of the ncaa

2020 – The Death of the NCAA

This year has been one of the strangest years on record. Wildfire storms have devastated Australia and California. The Covid-19 pandemic decimated the world. Massive hurricanes hit the US. Black Lives Matter protests took place all over the world. There are threats of all-out war and we are only in August. Like seriously, C’mon man.

But today we are here to discuss the impending death of one of the richest organizations in the world of sport, The NCAA.

During the last six months, the NCAA, has gone from most likely to succeed, to most likely to spend time behind bars.

For the last decade the NCAA, on the football side, has cashed cheques and made decisions that were in the best interest of the governing body and the people living in big castles atop of the highest of hills.

In the darkest of hours for their organization and the country they operate in, the NCAA has had nothing to say. NOTHING.

Instead, they left the every day running of the league to the conferences.

Not only has the governing body stayed quiet, but they have also failed to make a definitive decision to link the college football world together.

The Big Ten and Pac 12 have canceled their respective season, while the ACC, SEC and Big 12 prepare to carry on with a diluted season as we know it.

We as fans need unity.

We as fans need clarity.

We have received none of the above.

I might be an LSU fan, but I am a football fan first, and getting to see football played like normal in the Fall is what I want and we need most.

Nothing comes close to a Texas Longhorns last play drive to win in OT versus a determined Alabama.

We at SportsTalkLine want to see the best and the worst of College Football, every weekend.

I want to be able to call my friend and tell them how some unknown kid from Watch Hill, Rhode Island, population 156,  scored the winner for the Longhorns with only seconds remaining.

For years, one of the biggest governing bodies in the world of sports has taken it upon themselves to capitalize on the talent of the youth of America.

At the end of 2019, with pressure mounting, the NCAA voted to allow players to make money from their name, image, and likeness.

This was a massive step in the right direction for an organization that has treated players like commodities for decades.

The Name, Image, and Likeness law will come into play in the early stages of 2021. This means players can make money from what they do and how they represent themselves in public.

With no direction or cohesion, the College Football world is well on it’s way to falling apart.

The SEC and Commissioner Greg Sankey led the way with discussions and comradery but frankly, it’s not his job to lead the league.

Its time for the NCAA to put their big boy pants on, step up and make a call or slink off into the darkness to never be heard from again.

The time for action was last month. The question now is not can the NCAA survive but should they?

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