2020 NFL Draft QB Picks Review

2020 NFL Draft QB Picks Review

This years NFL draft saw 13 QBs drafted. Here is an in-depth look at how each player fits into their respective systems in the 2020 NFL Draft QB Picks Review.

1st Round

Joe Burrow – Bengals (LSU)


Burrow was always going to be the no. 1 pick. Reports suggest he has been working with the Bengals play-book for the last month. This kid will be ready to roll when the season kicks off later this year.

Tua Tagovailoa – Dolphins (Alabama)


The Dolphins have been in love with Tua since the 2018 National Championship game. They finally got their man. Now if he can stay on the field, they will be a dangerous prospect in the AFC East.

Justin Herbert – Chargers (Oregon)


Herbert fell to the Chargers at pick-six and will start immediately after Phillip Rivers joined the Colts in the offseason. This is a great pick up. Herbert has a strong arm, good vision, and footwork. Expect fireworks in LA this season.

Jordan Love - Packers (Utah)


Jordan Love has been touted as the air apparent to Aaron Rodgers. Let me say that again. Jordan Love has been touted as the air apparent to Aaron Rodgers. Wow. I don’t understand this move. Rodgers has four years left on his contract and will cost the Packers millions in dead cap money if they trade him away. Why draft a QB in the first round who may sit for four years. I understand the whole, sit, and learn from a legend of the game, but you might not need a QB for another four or five years. At that time there will be 50 QBs come out of the College.

The Packers have lost the plot.

2nd Round

Jalen Hurts - Eagles (Oklahoma)


This is a strange one too. Hurts can be exceptional, but he can also be terrible. Kind of like the bloke that he will sit behind. I’ve said it a thousand times, the Eagles should’ve kept Foles over Wentz. Good luck to the Eagles and whatever mess they are creating right now.

4th Round

Jacob Eason - Colts (Washington)

Eason is a solid QB. He has arm talent, moves well in the pocket and can scramble when he needs to. He will sit behind Phillip Rivers and can learn a lot from the veteran QB. Don’t expect any game time soon.

James Morgan - Jets (Florida Int)

Morgan will sit behind Darnold and will not see much action.

5th Round

Jake Fromm - Bills (Georgia)


Fromm is a talented QB and fell along the way in this draft. He competed for the starting role at Georgia with Justin Fields and Jacob Eason. He will push Josh Allen all the way for the Bills starting role as well. Big things are happening in Buffalo.

6th Round

Jake Luton - Jags (Oregon State)

Threw for over 5000 yards in three years at Oregon State. Solid prospect. Won’t play a lot of games.

7th Round

2020 NFL Draft QB Picks Review - QB Cole McDonald Hawaii

Cole McDonald - Titans (Hawaii)

He could be anything. Showed signs he was the complete package in Hawaii, also showed he was trash.

Other 7th round picks who won’t see the field in the near future.

Ben DiNucci - Cowboys (James Maddison)

Tommy Stevens - Saints (Miss State)

Nate Stanley - Vikings (Iowa)

Notable QBs not drafted or picked up by an NFL franchise

Shea Patterson - Michigan

It Was A Big Year For QBs In The 2020 NFL Draft

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