76ers vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA March 25

Check out our 76ers vs Lakers highlights on NBA Week 13! Our team picked the best NBA highlights from tonight’s game for you to enjoy.

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The final score was 109-101

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20 Responses

  1. Interesting how if you don't run offensive plays for outside shooters and resort to a static offense and a bunch of last second out of rhythm 3s mixed in, you don't get the same results other teams get from the exact same shooters, that LA fans claim can't shoot, when they on the Lakers, but are amazing shooters elsewhere, that LA fans claim we need. Danny Green can't shoot they said. Danny Green is washed up they said. Here is 8/12, go home now, said Danny Green.

    When I told everyone it was the system and the lack of screen setting, plays run for shooters and the complete inability of Avery Bradley to pass the basketball, everyone was quick to tell me, that I don't understand basketball.

    If I were Danny Green I would have never been this professional. I would have voiced my anger very directly. Avery Bradley and the LA non-offense almost killed Danny's career. But of course LA needs better shooters. Maybe Danny Green you guys? Matthews is bad and so is KCP? No they are not.

    Oh yeah, also Svi can shoot. Even Lonzo Ball can shoot. So you guys want to get him now instead of Schröder? As soon as people join the Lakers they can't shoot any more. Or maybe it is something else? Muscala? No wait that guy can't shoot either, right? Daniels? Couldn't shoot. That guy with the big hair they got from Detroit couldn't shoot. Also Caruso can't shoot. Oh and Kuzma can't shoot. And I could go on and on and on.

    What is really going on here? Static offense. Front court players only set screens for the ball handler. The backcourt only guards the best shooter. Nobody gives Lakers any easy buckets. The paint stays clogged. THT and Schröder thus become ineffective. Kuzma will always suck as a PF. He still jogs around like a gazelle out there and is completely lost again. The Lakers tire themselves out on defense chasing the ball around. Then they improvise some nonsense on offense and someone takes an unexpected, unplanned shot. Rinse and repeat.

    When Gasol was hitting shots and was still taken somewhat seriously, AD and LeBron cut to the paint on every other possession, the Lakers led the league in 3 point shooting. The second Gasol falling apart became obvious and teams got back to walling off Davis and consistently pressuring LeBron while tiring the Lakers out with passing, ppg dropped from 120 to 100 and opponents point went from 105 to 115. They keep telling us the Lakers have the best defense. They clearly do not. They do challenge almost every shot and it's a testament to their character as a team, but their main problem has always been and is again this season, that they do not play the right players in the right line ups. They love playing 3 guards. By now everyone is tired.

    Either Vogel figures out how to integrate Cacok and leave Kuzma at the 3, or this secondary will never work. The problem never was the shooters on the team. It was always and will always be the system being run or better yet the lack thereof. Lakers always tire out and have 0 energy on offense. Everything is always 100% forced.

    Vogel needs to play Cacok and not as a center for 3 minutes either. He needs to put him in over Morris and let Kyle and KCP do what they do. Enough of this Kuzma at the 4 and KCP at the 3 stuff already. That failed 400 times already. It's not gonna work if you try it for the 401st time next game.

  2. Idk the love the Lakers have for kuzma. He’s somehow going to demand a 100 million dollar contract. I would of traded him for a player like odalipo that’s averaging 20 points per game coming off injury. With the promise of resigning of course. You have a mini big 3 there. You don’t lose much since kuzma is ultra inconsistent and weak minded.

    Same with Michael porter JR. I would trade him for Zach Lavigne if bulls were dumb enough to do that.

  3. worst defence ever on DG. OMFG. are they even looking at scouting reports! jezus man. You have 2 or 3 guys to watch beyond the arc on this Sixers team. Very bad from a Lakers standpoint. Sixers did what was needed. Took an easy win from an increasingly pathetic Lakers team. Sad to see this kind of basketball. Its always the same on Lebrons teams. If he isn't there, here is nothing left. Don't get me wrong i Love Lebron. But hate to see this game……PFFFFF

  4. Patriots…
    The National Basketball Association has been transformed into a political action committee by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Democrat.) Campaigning for Joe Biden. In addition, the following companies worked on Joe Biden's behalf, fund raised and campaigned for the Democrat party, BLM and other far left activist organizations.

    Hit them where it counts! Financial Boycott whenever possible-NBA, WNBA, Modelo Beer, Proctor & Gamble, Verizon, State Farm Insurance, Progressive Insurance. Entertainment Industry- TNT, ESPN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Discovery, TBS, TLC, Bloomberg, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Sonic, US Bank, Pepsi corp, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, Microsoft, (any companies advertising with the above companies.)

    Pass this along.

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