New York Yankees Preview 2020

New York Yankees Preview 2020

The MLB Spring Training just started a few days ago this month and with most of the baseball talk being about the Astros lets preview the New York Yankees. My New York Yankees Preview 2020 will get you a quick overview of key Ins and Outs and players that will be big for Yankees this season.

New York Yankees

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Recap of Last Season

The Yankees made the ALCS last season after the home run that most Yankees fans would rather not talk about that continues to be talked about due to the sign-stealing situation that has been talked about a lot that I will go into more detail when I talk about the Astros. The Yankees record last season was they would win 103 games and lose 59 times. The biggest surprise was seeing how well they played when their top players were injured most of the year. The majority of Yankee fans (always) want to win the world series.

The Yankees' main goal in free agency was to get reliable starting pitching and they got that in Gerrit Cole, one of the best starting pictures in all of major league baseball.

Let's look at the key ins when we talk about him in New York Yankees Preview 2020.

Key Ins

New York Yankees Preview 2020 - Key In Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole SP 9 years for 324 million from Astros
New York Yankees Preview 2020 1
Gerrit Cole Stats since he entered the league
New York Yankees Preview 2020 2
Chad Bettis SP 1 year one million and a half thousand From Colorado

Key Outs

New York Yankees Preview 2020 - Key Out Didi Gregorius
Didi Gregorius 1 year 14 million with the Philadelphia Phillies

Top New York Yankees Players to Watch This Season

The first Yankees player to watch is Aaron Judge at 29 years old about to go into his prime. Aaron Judge needs no introduction as one of the best hitters in the league with his size, power, and height that makes him hard to pitch to. Last season he had a batting average of 272 with 103 hits, 27 home runs and an ops of .921.

The next player to watch is Gerrit Cole at 29 years, Cole in the offseason signed the biggest-ever contract for a pitcher. The contract he signed was a 9 year 324 million a year contract with the Yankees that would pay 35 million a year. He is a player to watch to see if he deserves that contract. The stats for Cole last year were 20 wins, 5 losses and an era of 2.50. He would play 33 games and also would pitch 212 innings with 326 strikeouts.

Next on the list is Gleyber Torres. Only being 23 and in his second full season with the Yankees, it will be interesting to see how he performs in a whole season without getting injured after getting injured in his first year. The stats for Gleyber Torres last season as he had 546 at-bats with 152 hits 38 HR and a batting average of .278 and ops of .871 and he would also have 96 runs and 90 rbi last season.

The last player to watch will be Giancarlo Stanton. One reason why he will be a player to watch is he only played 18 games last year due to a sprained PCL in his right knee that resulted in him missing 3 months and only playing 18 games in the season. the other reason is that he was signed to a 13 year, 325 million a year contract in his second full season. After signing that he has a lot to prove to the Yankees fans and the Manger that he is worth that amount of money. The stats for Stanton last season only 59 at-bats, 17 hits, 3 home runs, .288 batting average, 8 runs, and 13 rbi.

Please let me know if you enjoyed my New York Yankees Preview 2020 breakdown.

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