Social Media FAQ & Menu Map


Social Media Menu Map

    • STLN Home – Sitewide post, events
    • My Wall –  My personal wall 
    • My Sports – Custom sports feed based on preferences
    • Messages – Send/receive member2member private messages
    • Photos – Create albums and upload images
    • Comments – Comments attached to your posts
    • Directory – Search the Directory for the latest in sports 
    • Edit Profile – change preferences for My Sports feed
    • Account – your account settings and options
    • Logout 
    • Account – your account information
    • Change Password – change your password
    • Privacy – set your privacy options
    • Notifications – set general notifications
    • Web Notifications – set web notifications
    • Social Connect – Connect your social media accounts
    • My Photos – bulk options for your media
    • Bookmarks – Your personal bookmarks form the STLN
    • Groups – Interact with others on like topics
    • Members – Browse and follow members by various filters
    • Sports – Various major sports feeds 
    • Social Media Home – User will return to his Social Media Home Page
    • STL Account 
    • Logout
    • EXIT Social Media View – User will be redirected to Standard (Content oriented) site
    • Click to open and interact with your notifications.


Sports Talk Line is sports content production and Sports ONLY social media platform

Sports Talk Line is designed to be used by professional sports content producers and sports fans alike. 

Sports Talk Line is Sports ONLY social media platform. It was not created to share political or religious believes.

Sports Talk Line is based on Freemium model. Most of the content is free but there are paid membership tier that add additional benefits.