Fantasy MLB News from the Diamond the Mound the Home Base

MLB kicks off in August 2023

lift-off in:


STL Fantasy Rankings System

We are crunching numbers as fast as we can to deliver the best fantasy metrics on the web for you.

In short, Sports Talk Line aggregates rankings and projections from a number of sites on the web – most you already know, but not all. We record their rankings & projections and weight them based upon how accurate each source is throughout the seasons.

No site is the best across the board, so STL Rankings weight and rank each by position and type (weekly or draft rankings). The best predictor of PG’s will have the most influence on our PG rankings. The best predictor of SG’s will be most influential on our SG rankings, and so forth.

Fantasy Football is up now. Click here if you want to experience an example of the new and awesome features coming for your Fantasy Basketball toolbox.

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