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One of Sports Talk Line’s primary goals is to create a unique environment where writers, analyst and fans produce the complexities of sports on the web. Sports is so much more than one persons point of view, no matter how technically sound or well positioned. Sports is for us all, by us all. That is why we are not pushing our site with “Primary” or “Beat” reporters per se. Instead we plan on combining the unique offerings of the professional with the passionate, the reasoned with the emotional, the numbers with the story. We bring you, Sports Talk Line. Show your talent to the rest of the sport community!

It Doesn’t work without you!

This means that in order to achieve the above narrative, the doors are open for people to get on board at the ground floor. Make your mark in the sports blog-0-sphere.

You can become a Sports Blogger and post at your leisure with no editor deadlines to worry about. Have a bit more time on your hands or are an intense fan? Become a Sports Talk Line Network Blogger!

We put you in an intern program for a season writing once a week. After one season you become a Sports Talk Line Author. Every year we promote the best authors to writer status (two post a week) and they get a slice of the pie. It’s that simple.

Some Breaking Sports News in your area? Inform Sports Talk Line and one of our writers will look into it. If we post the story we (of course) give a tip of the cap unless you wish to remain anonymous.

One of the First to Hear a Local Sports Story!

We want to hear from you! Most national sports stories start locally. If you are a big time sports fan and are lucky enough to live in a sports town you get information before the national news scene. Perhaps you live in the hometown of sports star? Maybe you ran into someone while on vacation? Regardless of how, if you would like to report Breaking Sports News to SportsTalkLine.com this is the place.

Become a Sports News Tipper!

News scoops come from somewhere, and believe it or not, you’re it! Got some hot information? Contribute!

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Sports is about participation!

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Let the World in on Your Sports Knowledge & Passion!

There are certain things about your team, your player or the just completed event that other people keep missing. Oprah and Dr. Phil agree, express yourself! Some things are best explained in depth versus a quick blurb on a forum. Perhaps you are the kind of sports fan that takes a more in depth look at what is going on with your team or a specific athlete? Mayhaps you are already being published across the blog-o-sphere and would like a more consistent, versatile sports platform? Maybe you’re not really into nagging editors or deadlines? Becoming a SportsTalkLine Sports Blogger is for you! Publish when you have something to say. Sports as it should be, on your schedule.

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You have questions about the process? We have help! Support instructions are included in your confirmation email with access to online support videos for assistance on your schedule! So what are you waiting for?

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