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Sports Talk Line’s primary goals is to create a unique environment where athletes, writers, analyst and fans produce original content and can interact with each other. Conventional social media just spam you with adds and “recommended” content. Sports Talk Line is all about sports. Sports is so much more than one persons point of view, no matter how technically sound or well positioned. Sports is for us all, by us all. 

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Local fans want to hear from you! Most national sports stories start locally. If you are a big time sports fan and are lucky enough to live in a sports town you get information before the national news scene. Perhaps you live in the hometown of sports star? Maybe you ran into someone while on vacation? Regardless of how, if you would like to report Breaking Sports News to SportsTalkLine.com this is the place.

You Are the Key!

You can become a Sports Blogger and post at your leisure with no editor deadlines to worry about, or if you have a bit more time on your hands and call yourself a passionate fan? Become a Sports Talk Line Network talent!