UFC 251 Masvidal Was No Match For Usman

UFC 251 Masvidal Was No Match For Usman

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Masvidal started strong and grinning. Great start to Usman vs Masvidal fight. We saw early kicks and Masvidal being super aggressive early.

Usman vs Masvidal UFC 251

Round 1 Usman vs Masvidal

Masvidal started strong with multiple low kicks trying to hurt Usman early, however, Usman keeps Masvidal at bay.

Masvidal is running on fumes late in round 1 after very dynamic round 1.

Round 2 Masvidal Running Out Of Fumes

Masvidal didn’t start as strong as he did in round 1 and Kamari Usman is taking advantage of tired Masvidal.

Usman taking charge and controlling the fight early in round 2.

Most of the 2nd round both fighters are recovering depleted stamina from round 1 – too much clinching and not enough fighting.

Usman clearly has a plan and follows his plan.

Round 3 Masvidal’s Toes Must Hurt

The 2nd round both fighters spend in clinch and Usman started to step on Masvidal toes any time he got the chance. He kept this going in round 3.

Usman landed a “borderline” low blow on Masvidal and he is taking every advantage of granted break.

Usman took Masvidal down with a successful takedown late in round 3 but couldn’t really do much damage to Masvidal. It looks like he is trying to steam him out rather than anything else.

Round 4 Time To Pick Up The Pace

Usman is picking up the pace early in round 4. Usman clearly has the upper hand in the fight and unless he does something foolish he will clinch the title.

Round 5 Was Only A Formality

Usman knew it, Masvidal knew it and everybody else watching the fight knew it. Round 5 was just a formality because Kamaru Usman didn’t give Jorge Masvidal chance since early seconds of round 1.

Congratulations to Kamaru Usman!

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