Yan vs Aldo - How It Happened

UFC 251 Bantamweight Title Has New Master! Yan vs Aldo – How It Happened

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UFC 251 is stacked with insane fights and Yan vs Aldo was only one of the few cherries ufc fights had a chance to enjoy.

Yan vs Aldo fight was title bout after Bantamweight Champion Henry Cejudo announced his retirement.

UFC 251 Bantamweight Title Has New Master! Yan vs Aldo - How It Happened 1

Round 1 Yan vs Aldo

Both fighters started with respect to their opponents and being cautious was paid their dividends till the end of the first minute of the fight.

Yan connected first with a strong chin punch but ALdo responded with a low kick that took Yan down.

Yan recovered quickly and both fighters remembered to respect their opponents once again.

Yan testing his south paw stance but with very little effect.

Aldo’s low kicks seem to cause a lot of problem to very agile Yan.

Aldo late first round takedown didn’t go his way.

Yan managed to get out of ground and kept hammering Aldo on the ground. Aldo could feel a lot of pain after getting punched in stomach. Yan tried to take advantage of Aldo’s pain but could not finish the round with late round KO.

Round 2 Aldo Strikes Back

After suffering late in the 1st round Aldo took the reign early in round 2.

Aldo’s low kicks start to slow down Yan’s movement.

Yan relying on his boxing vs Aldo relying on low kicks, which technique will win the fight – time will tell.

Round 3 Yan vs Aldo Heats Up

After each fighter winning 1 round of the fight it was time to add some more aggression.

Peter Yan getting repeatable warnings from the ref about his fingers.

Both fighters starting to add some steam and punches and kicks are flying from all sides to all parts of both fighters bodies.

Aldo seems to have the upper hand at times but Yan always comes back with strong counters.

Round 3 was by far the most stamina intensive round and both fighters seem to feel it.

Both fighters land spinning back elbow at round 3.

Great title fight, so far.

Round 4 Yan Trying to Break Aldo’s Defense

Yan realizes that boxing will not get him the title and starts to add more to his plethora of moves. Yan is cracking Aldo’s defense at times but Aldo is holding firm.

Aldo just beat his personal best (more than 102 hits per fight).

Yan keeps pushing and starts smelling blood.

Aldo is clearly hurt and tired.

Yan having the upper hand after round 4.

Round 5 Yan vs Aldo – Who Is The New Bantamweight Champ?

Yan starting strong in round 5 holding Aldo on the ground.

If this wasn’t a title fight the fight would be already over.

Yan having Aldo in the crucifix is too much for Aldo.

Yan pounding Aldo.

Ref asking Aldo to fight but it’s time to call the fight. Aldo’s defensive wall has been breached.

Aldo has a heart of the champion but that’s not enough to secure the title.

Ref finally calls the end to Aldo’s suffering.

Congratulations! Petr Yan Is the new UFC Bantamweight champion.

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