UFC 249 Ferguson vs Geathje

UFC 249 Ferguson vs Gaethje Incredible, Unexpected & Surprising!

The prelim UFC interim lightweight title saw Ferguson vs Gaethje. Khabib Nurmagomedov was not available to fight Ferguson due to his religious tradition connected to Ramadan. Khabib made the announcement just before the original date of the fight was postponed due to Covid-19.

It’s fair to say that Ferguson was getting ready for fighting Khabib who is a very different fighter than Geathje. Ferguson had only 3 weeks to prep for his new opponent and boy did we see a show tonight!

UFC 249 Live Stream: Ferguson vs Geathje

Ferguson vs Geathje Round 1

Both fighters started very cautiously neither was ready to make an early mistake and get the other fighter the pleasure to land easy KO similar to the one we could see in the Ngannou vs Rozenstruik fight.

UFC 249 Ferguson vs Geathje

Gaethje left hooks caused some serious damage to Ferguson late in the 1st round.

Ferguson struggled to keep up with Gaethje’s speed and accuracy of his punches.

Tony Ferguson plethora of strikes and kicks rarely landed on the target…

UFC 249 Main Event Round 2

Ferguson’s superman punch connected with Gaethje’s jaw right at the start of the second round. Ferguson stepping up his game in the second round after loosing the 1st is what fans and Ferguson’s coaching stuff wanted to see.

Gaethje’s left jabs and hooks cause serious problems to Gaethje.

Gaethje keeps nailing Ferguson with his left and Ferguson does not seem to find an answer to Gaethje’s lefty.

Ferguson tries to throw different punches and kicks but does not seem to penetrate Gaethje’s defense.

Ferguson stuns Gaethje with uppercut in last seconds of the 2nd round and the clock saves him from Ferguson getting the upper hand

Round 3

Justin Gaethje’s coach told his pupil to tone done the power of the shots and rather then shots that are aimed to kill Ferguson Gaethje should land more accurate shots that would systematically weaken Ferguson.

Gaethje stuns Ferguson in 2:35 with powerful right punch.

Both fighters bleed and keep boxing.

It’s incredible how many hits Gaethje landed on Ferguson and Ferguson is still standing.

After the 3rd round Ferguson has two serious cuts one on the left side next to his eye and another right under his right eye.

Round 4 Ferguson vs Gaethje

Ferguson vs Geathje is a great prelim fight and at the beginning of the 4th round it looks like that Tony Ferguson is getting so much punishment that he may not end up fighting Khabib after all Gaethje won round 1, 2, and 3.

Ferguson starts to play Gaethje’s game in 3rd minute of the 4th run Ferguson was clearly running away from Gaethje after getting his legs wobbly.

Ferguson lost another round.

Gaethje taunting Ferguson late in the 4th round, which didn’t go well with Gaethje’s coach.

Round 5 Gaethje becoming the Interim Lightweight Champion

Justin Gaethje controls the 5th round and whenever Ferguson tries something Gaethje punishes him!

Wonder what Khabib thinks about Geathje who will most likely be his new challenger.

Ferguson is getting hit really hard and in 3:49 of the 5th Round, Justin Gaethje wins by TKO!

Geathje came back to hug Ferguson and show some respect after a short celebration and gets pushed back by Ferguson.

Gaethje’ came back with a quick response “Being an a**hole will not get you anywhere”

Congratulations to Justin Geathje Interim UFC Lightweight Champion.

Geathje throws away his belt seconds after he wins saying “Waiting for the real one!” You know what that means Khabib Nurmagomedov new challenge is here!

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