UFC 248: Adesanya vs Romero

UFC 248: Adesanya vs Romero Honest Review

Adesanya vs Romero is the main event of UFC 248 and arguably is the cherry on top of already one of the most memorable UFC events we have ever seen. If you didn't get a chance to catch the co-main event that is without any questions the best ever women UFC fight find out more on Sports Talk Line Review.

Israel Adesanya has been waiting for some time to complete his legacy and prove to the rest of the world that he is the king of UFC Middleweight, however, there is one more man standing in his way to claim the title the Cuban menace, Yoel Romero.

Adesanya vs Romero Round 1

Looking at Yoel Romero it's almost impossible to believe that he is 185.

Yoel Romero looks like a Cobra standing strong and waiting for Adesanya's first strike attempt.

1:25 seconds in the first round we finally see Israel attempting first low kick. Adesanya was clearly surprised by Romero's very passive attitude.

So far it's very different from the fight we saw a few minutes ago - Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk.

Israel is clearly not used to this type of fighting. We barely saw any punches. It seems clear that Romero is consuming as much energy as he can.

Romero landed late body kick in the first round. So far Israel is not happy with this fight and he knows that this is not the way to bolster his legacy.

Romero 4 strikes Adesanya 3 strikes... Surely not what we expected.

Adesanya vs Romero Round 2

Romero is waiting and forcing Adesanya to take chances and get closer to him. Romero is like a freaking cobra whenever Adesanya gets closer to Romero strikes with incredible speed that Adesanya cannot defend.

Romero still controlling the speed of the fight. Adesanya not feeling comfortable with the sluggish speed of the fight.

Fans are very displeased with the main event, it nowhere close to what folks expected to see after watching McGregor's latest fight.

This is a very technical fight and Romero is doing everything to prevent Adesanya to utilize his weapons the best Israel can do is to land a few low and body kicks.

Both fighters barely seem to break a sweat, that being said, this is what makes this fight so much more dangerous lack of concentration can turn to be deadly.

Adesanya vs Romero Round 3

Romero seemed to change the tempo and struck quickly at the early stages of round 3.

Romero quickly went back to his very defensive stance and waiting for Adesanya to take chances and try to attack.

Romero making sure that he protects his head and body at all times and does not strike much and only uses kicks to land damage on Adesanya's legs.

Romero is taunting Adesanya and with the crowd booing Adesanya is slowly but surely getting under pressure.

Israel Adesanya needs to come up with a new strategy in round 4.

Israel is stepping up the pace and landed more kicks and punches but it's still not enough to break Romero's guard

Adesanya vs Romero Round 4

Romero is taunting Adesanay before the round 4 ever started.

It seems that the fight is finally taking some pace with Romero being more aggressive. He has an incredible guard that Adesanya still cannot penetrate.

Adesanya eye poked Romero and the fight is stopped.

Romero called in a doctor to look at his eye.

Romero charged and took down Adesanya, Israel quickly broke free after getting pushed to the octagon net.

Romero is looking for that one punch that will send Israel to the dream world but cannot seem to connect.

Adesanya vs Romero Round 5

The fifth and the final round is here so far this was not really the fight that will be talked about. Adesanya is very likely winning against Romero 42, however, the fortune can turn every moment.

Adesanya is the more active fighter and Yoel Romero does not seem to be that fresh anymore.

Romero's right tight is very swollen from getting a lot of beating in round 1-4.

Romero charged on Adesanya who tripped and ran away.

Romero is trying to close down on Adesanya who is moving swiftly and has no desire to lose the fight but running around and not wanting to fight late in the 5th round surely didn't look too good in judges' books.

The judges' decision goes to Israel Adesanya 19-0-0, who is still the undefeated Middleweight Champion.

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