Darby Allin captivates crowd

Darby Allin Captivates Crowd

His time is now as Darby Allin captivates crowd!

In professional sports, there are signs when you have arrived, for example, people buying your jersey is a sign you have arrived in one of the major sports. Other examples could be becoming an All-Start or winning MVP. In the world of professional wrestling, it could be a little different and more difficult to determine. But as “Darby Allin Captivates Crowd” becomes a regular headline you have to think his time is now.

Yet, when I was at Northeast Wrestling’s Brass City Brawl and I saw an unusual site with a child around 10 years old dressed liked Darby Allin having had his face painted in predominantly white face paint with a dash of black face paint. Upon further inspection, it was easy to tell that this child was mimicking who can be perceived as his idol and that was Darby Allin. He did not disappoint as Darby Allin captivated the crowd against Johnny Moxley.

Showing his prowess as a wrestler Allin was in the main event of Northeast Wrestling’s Brass City Brawl and being a main eventer is a tremendous honor and status symbol in combat sports. Who Allin was competing against that night also shows his worth as Allin shared the ring with Johnny Moxely formerly known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE. Moxley is currently one of the most sought after wrestlers after leaving the WWE in April 2019 and appearing at AEW’s Double or Nothing in May 2019.

During the match, you can tell that Allin is wrestling at a high level by the speed and ferocity he attacks his opponent while also denoting the intensity that is shown on Allin’s face. Allin’s in-ring ability was highlighted during a sequence when Moxley tied Allin’s hand behind his back with electrical tape. Allin was able to execute a backflip off the second rope onto Moxley in the middle of the ring and as Moxley rolled out of the ring Allin pursued his prey by doing another backflip through the middle ropes onto Moxley who was outside the ring. In case the description does not do it justice you can watch for yourself.

Darby Allin Captivates Crowd earns praise from Moxley

Even though Allin did not get the victory, in the end, Allin still gave a memorable performance which can be more important than a win. After the match, Moxley took the microphone and praised Allin for being one of the craziest wrestlers in the industry. Very rarely do wrestlers in such a public way praise a competitor but this was one of those time. In case you do not believe her is the video.

Now looking at Moxley’s resume as an in-ring performer and recent critiques of his former employer Moxley can have a critical view on the wrestling industry. Moxley. The praise from Moxley who has wrestled anywhere validates Allin has a wrestler and that validation of Allin is well deserved.

While Allin could get that achievement of the craziest wrestler on just looks alone, the risk he takes in the ring definitely puts Allin in the conversation as worlds craziest wrestler if not the title of craziest wrestler all to himself. Because of the combination that Allin possesses if you do not know already, hopefully you know now that Darby Allin captivates crowds against Johnny Moxley and whoever Allin goes against in the ring.

Maybe that child that came dressed as Darby Allin can say that he saw Darby Allin on the rise to fame. Similar to those saying they saw Tom Brady play high school football or those that say they saw Michael Jordan play at North Carolina. While those two names are the leaders of their respective sport and considered the greatest of all time Allin could reach that same pinnacle in the world of professional wrestling.

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