UFC 248: Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk

UFC 248: Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk - The Best Women UFC Fight Ever

Is this the Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk most expected women UFC fight in the Strawweight division to date?

Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk Stats

The answer is yes!

Both fighters bring a different skillset and tonight we saw the difference between raw "animal" power and pastime technique but which of these combat styles had the upper hand today?

Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk Round 1

Both fighters started cautiously with predominantly using low kicks

Jedrzejczyk decided to show off some of her technique and started pressing, however, Weili managed to deflect all Joanna's attacks.

Jedrzejczyk is getting a lot of oriental medicine from Weili, who is well countering every strike attempt from Jedrzejczyk.

Jedrzejczyk face starts to swell late in the 1st round. Weili also seemed a bit "sunburned".

Jedrzejczyk landed an illegal punch after the end of the first round.

Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk Round 2

Jedrzejczyk apologized for her late punch and round two stated with a barrage of punches by both fighters. Jedrzejczyk seems to land more accurate punches then Zhang and starts to cause Weili problems.

Jedrzejczyk speed is a serious problem for Zhang who decided to go for the first takedown attempt of the fight but failed...

Weili connected a few well-aimed punches and kicks and stunned Joanna.

Zhang brought Joanna down with 2nd takedown attempt.

Both fighters are betting on speed and offense. We don't see much of tactical defending. At this point, it seems that both fighters just want to hit any piece of the other fighter's body.

So far it's a great fight! Action and commitment from both fighters makes this fight very entertaining.

Weili got a late headbutt by Joanna in Round 2.

Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk Round 3

The 3rd rounds started at the same fast pace as the 2nd round ended. Both fighters keep the high tempo going and this sure does not look like a girl fight we are used to.

Weili is having problems after Joanna switched to the southpaw stance. Joanna starts to bet more on the leg punch combination.

Joanna is improving her accuracy and Weili seems to feel the fatigue.

Weili attempted and succeeded with another takedown 3 minutes in the 3rd round.

Weili took Joanna down and Joanna's forehead swells really bad.

This fight really delivers on the promise of the best fight of women strawweight division.

Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk Round 4

Joanna's forehead has doubled in size with a massive swell looking really nasty. Weili seems to aim at the swelling.

Wow! Great head double kick by both fighters.

These women are putting 120% in this fight. Weili's debut in round 4 is looking really good she seems to have the upper hand in the 4th round but it costs her a lot of energy.

Zhang keeps hitting Joanna's double forehead, which clearly causes a lot of problems for Joanna.

Elbows, kicks, and punches are flying back and forth! Incredible fight.

Both fighter faces are unrecognizable.

Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk Round 5

This is an incredible fight and the crowd is loving it!

Both fighters became a bit more cautious early in the 5th round but the caution didn't last for too long.

Joanna landed a good combination of body kicks and face punches.

This is really incredible both fighters keep giving and getting punches. There is no defense in this fight only OFFENSE until the very end.

Both fighters fight like savages.

1 minute before the end fo the fight Zhang seems to show that she is the Champion and seems to be much fresher than Jedrzejczyk.

Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk was the greatest women UFC fight ever.

If this fight would have more then 5 rounds both fighters would be ready to go to the next round.

Weili Zhang won the greatest women MMA fight and is still the undisputed Champion!

Congratulations Weili!

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