Jones vs Reyes Honest Review

Jones vs Reyes UFC 247 Honest Review

John Jones is arguably the best fighter in UFC history, his impressive reach makes him an impressive foe. Jones’ record 25-1-0 speak for itself you don’t want to mess with this guy unless you are ready to get your ass kicked.

Therefore, Jones vs Reyes was a long awaited fight. Dominick Reyes is one of those fighters that are not afraid of any challenges and he was ready to pick a fight with light UFC heavyweight champ and show he is ready to dethrone the king.

Was he able to do it? Well... See what happened in Jones vs Reyes round per round review.

Was this the fight you expected?

Round 1 Jones vs Reyes

Reyes started the fight in the aggressive fashion similar to McGregor but Jones unlike Cerrone didn’t get surprised and showed the challenger who is the champion by landing a few well struck punches.

Jones got dropped down 2 minutes in the first round. But it seemed like Jones used the UFC octagon mat as a trampoline and he just jumped back into his classic stand and kept going like nobody’s business.

Well, it turned out that Reyes meant some business and kept hammering Jones till the end of the first round.

No question that Reyes won the first round!

Round 2

Reyes kept his cool and caused more and more damage to Jones.

Jones seems to keep his cool and absorb damage and wait for later rounds.

Rounds 3

Reyes started strong early in the 3rd round keeping the pounding going.

So far he was far superior fighter.

Despite Jones' superior reach he is not able to connect any combo.

Jones is lethargic and seems out of shape. It’s very surprising...

Reyes got spooked with Jones “salsa” like turn expecting his epic elbow that never came late in the 3rd round. It’s becoming clear that Jones is playing mind games but it’s time for him to start landing some hits.

Round 4 Jones Started To Fight

It was about time for John Jones to show Reyes who is the Champ.

Jones finally turned from a punching bag to a fighter. Jones started stepping up his game. Reyes clearly tired is having problems with defending Jones' attacks.

Jones is finally stepping up but it seems it may be too late because he lost round 1-3. If he doesn’t KO Reyes in round 5 he is risking losing his belt...

Round 5

20 minutes down John Jones is not able to show that he deserves to be the Light Heavyweight Champ no more...

He has 5 more minutes to KO Reyes or he can say goodbye to his belt.

Jones is more active and he initiated a takedown early in the 5th round but it was rather an awkward one.

Jones is clearly shaking up after getting hammered by Reyes in round 1-3. Jones' lack of stamina is becoming clear and Reyes is controlling the fight making sure he doesn’t get too passive but does not risk any major hit that could KO him.

Jones vs Reyes UFC 247 decision is here!

Jones was too passive in round 1-3 and could not knock down Jones in round 4-5.

Jones is clearly not the fighter he used to be...

Reyes is the new Light Heavyweight UFC Champion.

Jones vs Reyes decision was made.

Dominick Reyes is the new Light Heavyweight UFC Champions. Ehm... Well it should be but the judges decided otherwise...

John Jones want on the decision and defended his Light Heavyweight title in UFC 247.

To be frank he was not the better fighter and Reyes was robbed of the title. This fight felt more like one of those boxing matches that are decided in advance...

This is a disappointing decision and will surely hurt the credibility of the UFC.

Congratulations to the champ and good luck next time to the contender...

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