McGregor vs Cerrone UFC 246

UFC 246 McGregor vs Cerrone Fight - Done Deal In 41 seconds

UFC 246 McGregor vs Cerrone Fight was expected by fans all over the world. Excitement about seeing McGregor fight was omnipresent and yet I feel we were robed.

Connor McGregor's return was more glorious than anybody could have imagined! It took McGregor only 41 seconds and 20 strikes to KO Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.

McGregor vs Cerrone 20 - 0

It was the return of a champion! McGregor once again showed the world of UFC what we were missing!

McGregor started the fight with Superman punch that Cerrone Dodged but he was "short" or rather too low to block the follow-up knee that came with the superman punch.

The hit took Cowboy by surprise and he quickly initiated a clinch to get some time to recover.

Well, it really didn't go as planned for Cowboy.

McGregor's unconventional shoulder punches were well-aimed and kept causing damage to Cowboy's face.

Get some distance may have sounded like a great idea! That's what Cerrone wanted to and needed after getting hammered by various parts of Connor's body.

Releasing the clinch and getting some distance was a great idea but in Cerrone's condition, not the smartest one. Cerrone could not hold his guard and clearly disoriented was too slow to stop McGregor's head kick.

McGregor's head kick stunned Cerrone and made it easy for the "Notorious" to cause more damage knocking Cowboy down.

Few better-placed strikes and hammer fists sealed the deal for McGregor.

There! That's what McGregor vs Cerrone UFC 246 fight looked like!

It took exactly 41 seconds as long as it should take you to read this McGregor vs Cerrone fight review.

If it took you longer good job! You lasted longer than Cerrone!

FYI I predicted Connor's win. Now the question is will Khabib grand McGregor rematch or is he still not worthy!

UFC 246 McGregor vs Cerrone Fight - Done Deal In 41 seconds

Think about this. Cowboy was not able to land one single strike!

UFC 246 McGregor vs Cerrone Fight - Done Deal In 41 seconds

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