UFC 245 Holloway vs Volkanovski: Featherweight record Breaking Fight!

UFC 245 Holloway vs Volkanovski: Featherweight record Breaking Fight!

Holloway vs Volkanovski started very cautiously and does it surprise you a lot was on the table.

It was the second belt challenge of the night. Amanda Nunes had to go through 5 rounds with De Randamie to defend her belt.

Holloway vs Volkanovski How It Happened

Volkanovski was trying to find his rhythm vs Holloway.

Holloway was clearly reading for a long fight and he was controlling the 1st round and conserving as much energy as he could.

Fans are used to Holloway dropping his guard but still staying very active on his feet to compensate for any possible leaks in his defense.

2nd round Volkanovski found Holloway's Kryptonite

Despite Volkanovski having a higher reach, he struggled to land any body or head strikes in the first and the second round. That being said, Volkanovski found out weakness in Holloway's defense.

Volkanovski realized that if punching the body and head will not work he can put his legs to work. Who would want to get kicked by a former rugby pro? Clearly not Max Holloway but that's what started to happen in the second round.

Volkanovski landed multiple heavy low kicks at Holloway leading leg. It was clear that his left leg started to swell and holloway started to be less mobile. Holloway was eventually forced to switch his stance because his lead left leg could not sustain any more damage.

Max Holloway Had To Switch To Southpaw

Volkanovski did his homework and figured out how to cut Holloway's wings and make him a much lower threat. Southpaw is clearly something that Holloway can do but is not something he prefers to do.

Volkanovski did not seem to get any tired after punching, kicking and defending Holloway's advances. Holloway on the other hand clearly suffered after switching to southpaw.

By the end of the 3rd round, Volkanovski landed 46 leg kicks breaking featherweight leg kick record.

Champion Opened His Wings In The 4th Round

Volkanovski was the better fighter in the first 3 rounds and landed almost double the number of strikes than the Champ.

Volkanovski's coaches suggested that he takes Holloway to the ground but instead, Holloway said enough!

Holloway switched back to his conventional stand after Volkanovski failed takedown attempt.

Holloway knew that he has to be more active because he lost the first 3 rounds and he must do something to keep the belt.

Arguably Holloway had the upper hand in the 4th round but only by a thin margin.

5th Round Fans Chant Was Not Enough To Help Holloway

Holloway attacked and attacked but it was simply too late!

Volkanovski absorbed over 70 leg kicks before Volkanovski's wrath landed at Holloway.

Few close punches and close range elbows less than 2 minutes before the 2nd round caused lots of damage to Holloway's face.

Aleksander Volkanovski was the better fighter and he literally chopped off Holloway's legs with over 70 leg kicks.

Neither of the fighters was able to ground but Alexander Volkanovski outstruck Holloway with 172-103.

Alexander Volkanovski is the new Featherweight UFC Champion! He brings the UFC title belt back to the Aussi land.

Holloway vs Volkanovski was the best fight of the night and it was worth watching!

Congrats and long live the Champ!

Check out what happened in the preliminary card fights (Heinisch vs Akhmedov, Brown vs Saunders, Vieira vs Aldana)  and main card fight (Yan vs Faber, Moraes vs Aldo) stay tuned for more UFC action!

Holloway vs Volkanovski Results

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