UFC 245 Moraes vs Aldo

Moraes vs Aldo: UFC 245 Bantamweight Is A Different Ball Game

Moraes vs Aldo was one of those fights that get people talking! Why? Because of Jose Aldo! Aldo does not take any shit from anybody and at age 33 he had a magnificent career.

Aldo made a smart decision and rather than staying in his weight category he decided to cut down to Bantamweight.

Moraes vs Aldo: Hello There!

Moraes vs Aldo started with a quick Moraes head strike that took down a few of his opponents before.

Well, it didn't really work on Aldo, or rather the effect was similar to anybody kicking a bee nest. You don't want to get to that.

Aldo started fighting back like a mad dog and he knew he will have to hit some serious hits to finish the fight early.

2nd Round = Street Fight

The second round was the most exciting fight of the 3 round fight.

Both fighters put their best into it. Lots of punches and kicks by both fighters kept the fight interesting.

Aldo and Moraes hurt each other and made the fight a great show!

Everybody Was Excited To See Who Will Dominate The 3rd Round!

Moraes and Aldo were head to head in both first rounds and the third round was no different!

Moraes vs Aldo was a great two-man show till the end!

It was a very even fight and despite Aldo scoring more hits he lost the fight by decision.

Check out what happened in the preliminary card fights (Heinisch vs Akhmedov, Brown vs Saunders, Vieira vs Aldana)  and main card fight (Yan vs Faber) stay tuned for more UFC action!

UFC 245 Moraes vs Aldo Results

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