Glory of Keith Lee

Bask in the Glory of Keith Lee

The glory of Keith Lee

If you were not before you must now bask in the glory of Keith Lee. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches and tipping the scales at 320 pounds Lee is someone that commands people attention without even moving a muscle. Yet seeing him wrestle in the ring with the grace and agility of a cruiserweight is almost unimaginable until you see Lee in the ring. 

The best big man comparison for Keith Lee would be to Big Van Vader. Vader was over 400 pounds and traveled the world having hellish matches with the likes of Stan Hansen, Cactus Jack, and Sting. Vader was ahead of his time by the maneuvers he was doing in the ring. Lee could be the heir apparent to Vader if not reach a higher level of stardom.  

Lee’s impressive week started at NXT War Games as Lee teamed with Tomasso Ciampa, Dominik Dijakovic, and the surprise entrant Kevin Owens against the Undisputed Era. Lee came into the match 3rd for his team as the crowd chanted in unison about basking in Keith Lee’s glory. The highlight of the match for Lee was when Lee powerbomded Bobby Fish through a table from the top rope. 

The next night was another opportunity to bask in the glory of Keith Lee was on team NXT in the traditional Survivor Series match against the Raw and Smackdown Live brand. In that match, Lee pinned Seth Rollins before finally being pinned by Roman Reigns. The biggest part of the story was after the match when Reigns, who is being built up if not appointed “The Guy” gave a fist pound of respect to Lee after the match. 

Even though Survivor Series was over Keith Lee kept on raising his profile as Adam Cole basks in the glory of Keith Lee. In a tag match with Dominik Dijakovic against the Undisputed Era’s Kyle O”Reilly and Bobby Fish Lee created a memorable WWE moment. During the match, Adam Cole, the leader of Undisputed Era, made his way down to ringside but Lee pounced Cole over the guardrail into the audience. Even though Lee did not win the match, that moment with Cole is what people will remember not the loss. 

The performance at War Games, Survivor Series, and the moment with Cole are important for Lee because Lee could receive a big push going forward. Lee was given a chance with the larger WWE audience and Lee delivered. The best opportunity for this to occur will be at the Royal Rumble where Lee might not win the match but Lee could make an impact in the match with multiple eliminations making Lee a bigger star. 

The biggest question to ask will be does Lee stay on NXT or does he move to Raw or Smackdown Live? NXT has changed from being just on the WWE network to airing on Wednesday night against wrestling competition in the form of AEW. Yet, WWE signed a big-time deal with Fox for the Smackdown Live television rights. 

Traditionally, Raw and Smackdown are the major brands but it could be more beneficial for Lee and WWE to stay on NXT. First, there are many instances when NXT call ups have not reached the heights they have reached at the NXT brand. Second, since NXT is now more on par with the established brands because they are on weekly cable TV Lee could be the star that can help carry the brand. Third, Lee can help bring legitimacy to NXT if he stays because Lee showed up on a traditional WWE event and shinned.  While the future is still undetermined, we all have a chance to bask in the glory of Keith Lee.

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