Dallas Cowboys Roster Moves

The Dallas Cowboys roster moves for 2019 started the middle of last season and they are not slowing down.

The only constant on the Cowboys roster is change. Injury plays a large part in the dance to be certain, however, the constant search for talent that is the front office's creed combined with the annual influx of young, inexpensive NFL talent via the NFL Draft makes for a unique roster each season.  As we get closer to training camp, now is a perfect time to take a closer look at some of the Cowboys roster moves.

Dallas Cowboys Roster Moves

Trade for Amari Cooper

Jerry Jones and the Dallas started the roster moves early in the middle of last season by doing some serious bean counting in regards to what they could land with their first pick in the upcoming draft and the value they could derive from having the 24-year-old WR on their roster. Insofar as Dallas Cowboys roster moves go, so far, this one has turned out pretty darn well. Let's see which boxes got checked.

  • Made the Cowboys offensive scheme viable
  • Brutalizes one-on-one coverage
  • Breaks tackles
  • Run after the catch
  • Speed to get over the top
  • Great hands
  • Solid route tree
  • Chemistry with teammates
  • Energy, enthusiasm, and attitude are all pluses

It cost them a #1 and 3.5 years of rookie contract bliss. Which is to say they are going to have to pay the man and figure out how to pay others after that. Regardless there is no denying the talent of the young WR. A strong move by the front office.

Doubling Down on OLine Talent

Dallas has built it's identity under HC Jason Garrett around its offensive line. Since Leary left for Denver and Free retired the churn has been consistent as the team has looked for the mix that would allow them to dominate as they did in Prescott's rookie season. After Chaz Green ended up being a medical and mental washout the 'Boys didn't mess around going with strong back to back picks getting Connor Williams in '18 and Connor McGovern this season. Throw in super-sub Joe Looney and power-guard Su'a-Filo then throw in the return of All-Pro OC Travis Frederick and this group is easily the most talented they have had in the Garrett era in regards to depth and quite possibly in regards to the starting 5/6. Damn fine job.

WR Room Churn

The Cowboys weren't going to be able to pay Beasley the money he was going to command on the open market and they wisely moved on. Sure they wanted him. But look at the first move made (Cooper) and you see there isn't going to be a lot of money to spread around at Beasley's talent tier.  Enter Randall Cobb (the vet) and Cedrick Wilson (the wild card) as solutions to the problem. The Cowboys roster moves give them depth and talent even before you consider Amari Cooper will have a full offseason in the offense and Michael Gallup will be improving in his magical WR third year. Back these guys up with Noah Brown, Lance Lenoir and Allen Hurns (who you should NEVER count out) and this group is as deep as it has been in a long, long time. Bullseye!

Finally, a Perfect Fit at Under Tackle

It wasn't that long ago Rod Marinelli was filling out his game day roster with guys off the street. Literally. He did have a future HOF'er at the end of his career in Ware on the outside, but his coveted under tackle position he has only been able to fill with an elite player for one season (Hatcher) who notched 11 sacks from the inside in 2013. Since then the position has been filled with a rotation of guys who all have great motors but are missing that quick twitch, elite size/strength combo that Marinelli has been looking for.  Enter Trysten Hill, DT Central Florida. 6'3", 308 lbs, quick as a cat, strong as a bear and he runs on high-octane. He has some warts on him not being a starter his last season in college. Yet he posted his best statistical season while coming off the bench in a scheme, position ill-suited to his skill set. What's not to like? Slam dunk.

Cowboys Roster Moves Summary

Dallas also addressed running back depth, TE depth (Witten) and is looking for its talented defensive backs to improve via increased DLine pressure and some veteran assistance. The offseason they failed to replace DeMarco Murray I saw too many red flags. The season they failed to replace Ronald Leary at LG I again rang the alarm bell. Same in regards to replacing Doug Free. Sure they could have used an upgrade at Safety but they guys they have can play. The entire roster looks deep and flexible. If they stay healthy through camp look for some tough decisions and even a trade or two as they turn some of that depth into draft picks. When (not if) injury hits this team is stacked to handle the pain better than it has been in years.

I look at this roster and get a serious case of the warm-fuzzies as I consider how far this group can take the Cowboys.

What say you Sports Nation?

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