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A New Cowboys December - Hurts So Good
Published 12/29/2014 in CowboysNation
Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys Nation has to be pinching itself every morning to find out if they're going to wake up from this dream. After all, it's the end of another Cowboys December and Dallas has just gone 4-0 taking the NFC East with a game left on the 2014 season clock. Murray, Bryant and Romo all set new team records with the Cowboys team playing hot and ready to host the Detroit Lions in Dallas for the wild card game. It couldn't be real could it? Remember the character Randy Quaid played in the movie Major League II? A loyal fan that had spent years living in a realized "doom and gloom" world of repetitive mediocrity from... read more ❯
Things For Cowboys Fans To Feel Good About - 2014
Published 12/30/2014 in CowboysNation
It's that time of year (the end) and without further ado, here is a kick start to creating the definitive list of things Cowboys fans can feel good about for 2014. Cowboys Run/Pass Ratio is 50/50 - I kid you not. Put that rag down, your glasses don't need cleaning. Ok, maybe they do, but that's not the what's important here. Scott Linehan teamed up with about the only guy in the league who likes to pass more than him (Jason Garrett) and figured out how to run an old school power running attack. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Remind me not to break that one out any... read more ❯
Overturned! - Suh to Play After Wining Appeal
Published 12/30/2014 in CowboysNation
After winning his appeal Ndamukong Suh will be playing against the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. NFL Network is reporting that Suh won his arbitration hearing and had his punishment reduced to a 70K fine. Reportedly Suh had earned a "clean slate" by staying out of trouble for a specific number of games and was judged as a first time offender. Reports of Suh landing the gig as All States primary spokesman for their new "accident forgiveness" initiative are premature. What say you Cowboys Nation? Another Left Coast Cowboys Post: on Twitter - Steven Van Over read more ❯
Cowboys vs Lions - Perfect Stage or Perfect Storm?
Published 1/4/2015 in CowboysNation
It's 2015 and the Cowboys vs Lions in big D this Sunday is the perfect stage for Tony Romo and the Cowboys to get another 500 lb gorilla off their backs. This should greatly improve the general well being of the team and the fan base when coupled with the previous 500 lb 8-8 season albatross. That's a cumulative thousand pounds of emotional baggage (thank you Jerry) that can be eschewed in favor of some well deserved, goal oriented success. Murray will find running lanes, Romo will be perfect, Dez will throw up the X, the Special Teams will be special and the defense will get their turnovers doing just... read more ❯
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