Sports Talk Line Story

Back in the day, it was writers with talent on scattered blogs looking to connect with readers which created a great product and excellent business model. Since then, big companies have gotten involved and now dominate the sports experience on the web. We are now inundated with huge sites dominated by agent, team or fan speak with funds directed towards the top and EXTREME add infusions. All to pay the freight to the corporate owners while talent is abused to create the product. We want to change this.

Talent can again rule the net and those with the gifts are now able to self publish with verve and energy. Life is (again) good.

Sports Directory – like Yahoo – but for sports (under construction)

SprotsTalkLine – sports analysis and live media

Sports People – personalities that have a unique take on sports

SportsTalkLines – individual team sites run by people passionate about their sport or their teams

Forums – open style forums with topics based on sport and teams

ByLines – we will be developing homegrown talent in order to bring you sports analysis you can trust

Intern positions are available. Run your own fan site or become a contributor with your own author’s archive.

Click here and become part of the solution to better sports on the web now!

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