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Texans 49ers Recap Published 12/11/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineWhen you lose to a team that is 2-10 there’s not much you can say. When you lose to that team by double digits there’s damn sure not a lot to say. For the Houston Texans on Sunday this was their reality. If Jimmy Garoppolo turns out to be a pro... read more→

Pats and Dolphins Face Off in Monday Night Matchup Published 12/11/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineNothing makes a Monday better than knowing that the Patriots will be on tonight. The team travels to Miami to face off with the Dolphins for the second time in three weeks. New England is looking to sweep the season series against their divisional... read more→

Extra Points: Cowboys Beat Giants In Week 14 Published 12/11/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineThe Dallas Cowboys needed to win their last five games to have a chance to make the playoffs, they are now 2-0 to begin that quest. It was another fourth quarter where the Cowboys excelled and put away their opponent, no matter the competition, it... read more→

King Von Miller Sets New Broncos Record in Win over Jets, But Was Winning a Good Thing? Published 12/11/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineDENVER, CO |One thing that has always been known is the notion that what is good or bad may not always be clear as day. This rings true for the Denver Broncos victory over the New York Jets on Sunday. Yes, Von Miller, self-proclaimed “Slayer of... read more→

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2017 NFL NY Giants w/Tom McAlister - Eli Benched Published 11/29/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineHelmet Phone Giants

2017 New York Giants Week 13 Eli Manning Benched So much for the regular Week 13 conversation. We have been talking about Eli's fortunes on this pod all season long. However the manner of the benching is eye-raising to say the least. With Giants personnel making it plain the benching was not to look towards the future, but rather a clear laying of blame for the offenses struggles at the... read more→

2017 NFL Cowboys Talk Line Week 11 Round Table Published 11/19/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineHelmet Phone Cowboys

Zeke Suspension Starts - Cowboys vs Eagles The Philadelphia Eagles are coming to town. Oh yea! Did we mention the Ezekiel Elliott six game suspension begins this week? Welcome to Cowboys Talk Line. You looking for cold, hard insight into where the Dallas Cowboys are right now? You came to the right place. Robust, straight to the point and with no holds barred host Steven Van Over puts... read more→

2017 NFL NY Giants Week 11 w/Tom McAlister Published 11/17/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineHelmet Phone Giants

2017 New York Giants Week 11 Bright Spots on a Dim Roster .... Hard times in New York and hard times call for hard looks. Tom McAlister came to the podcast loaded for bear and he uses both barrels as he assesses the Giants current locker room situation before moving onto the bright spots on a dim roster. Yes, there are bright spots to look at. The team is actually loaded with dynamic... read more→

2017 NFL NY Giants Week 10 w/Tom McAlister Published 11/7/2017 in Pro Football Talk LineHelmet Phone Giants

2017 New York Giants Week 10 Loss to Rams Leads to .... McAdoo tried everything. He even suspended another CB which was what he did the last time Giants were able to get a win in the 2017 season. It didn't work. The GMen got blown out in a loss that was epitomized by one play, a 3rd and 33 that produced a screen pass that went for 6 while Giants defenders moved like "molasses in winter... read more→