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Patriot's Training Camp: Day 2 Published 7/31/2016 in Pro Football TalkLineJimmy Garoppolo

Wet and tense are the best ways to describe day two of the New England Patriots training camp. The team battled rain and frustration as they went through their second day of pad-less practice. Here are a number of my observations from the day: Attendance Report: Many in the Boston media made a fuss over Jamie Collins missing day one of camp,... read more→

NFL Not A Moral Authority Published 4/21/2015 in Pro Football TalkLine

It's 2015 and one thing is abundantly clear. The statement "NFL Not A Moral Authority" is true in fact and should also be true in perceived reality. In today's NFL a player needs to have priestly credentials in order to be accepted by the media and the fans. Woe betide a player who makes a mistake. At that point his NFL career should be over in... read more→

Philip Rivers Is Doing The Right Thing Published 3/31/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineChargers Cheerleaders

In a sports world that's gone mad with money it's rare when fans are blessed by a sports entity that actually "gets it". Recently San Diego was gifted with just such a moment while in the midst of the morass of public relations posturing and back room maneuvering that seems to flourish when a team and a local government don't see eye to eye on... read more→

Dallas Cowboys RB Breakdown Published 3/26/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineDemarco Murray

The Dallas Cowboys have four RB's on the roster not named DeMarco Murray. What do they bring to the table on game day? Audio listen to ‘Dallas Cowboys RB Breakdown’ on audioBoom // Print Version Dallas Cowboys RB Breakdown Joseph Randle -6'0", 210 lbs, 23 years old, Oklahoma State, 3 yr vet The bad news is $9,000 Worth of Undies was... read more→

Greg Hardy Testimony - Just The Facts Published 3/18/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineclip board

Audio Post listen to ‘Greg Hardy Testimony - Just The Facts’ on audioBoom // Print Version In a recent discussion I was unable to assess former Carolina Panther, Greg Hardy's impact due to his off field troubles on a new team. What are the facts? Are the facts of a Greg Hardy testimony even assessable with publicly available knowledge? I... read more→

Are Dallas Cowboys Finally Getting It? Published 3/17/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineJerry Jones Jason Garrett

Audio Post listen to ‘Are Dallas Cowboys Finally Getting It?’ on audioBoom // Print Version After decades of consistent failure an upswing in fortunes that is viewed as a culmination of hard work rather than an outlier begs the question, are the Dallas Cowboys finally getting it? A team reflects ownership. Hands on, hands off, familial... read more→

NFL Free Agency Fallout - More Questions Than Answers Published 3/16/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineNFL

Audio Post listen to ‘NFL Free Agency Fallout - More Questions Than Answers’ on audioBoom // Print Version NFL Free Agency Fallout - With the status of most of the top 100 free agents settled for the 2015 season there are now more questions than answers for the teams making the moves. Snake oil salesmen from both sides of the fence... read more→

Conversation w/ Rafael Vela - NFL Free Agency Aftermath v1.0 Published 3/11/2015 in Pro Football TalkLinepodcast

listen to ‘Conversation w/ Rafael Vela - 2015 NFL Free Agency Aftermath v1.0’ on audioBoom // Sports Internet Radio via SportsTalkLine on AudioBoom STL Conversation with Rafael Vela SportsTalkLine Podcast 2015 NFL Free Agency Aftermath v1.0 Join NFL Analyst Ben Grimaldi and Steven Van Over for another SportsTalkLine... read more→

Cowboys CB Position Breakdown - Claiborne's Swan Song Published 2/16/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineMorris Claiborne

Audio Version listen to ‘Cowboys CB Position Breakdown - Claiborne's Swan Song’ on audioBoom // Print Version The Cowboys defense improved by leaps and bounds last year but the CB position remains a concern for many reasons. As we put the Cowboys CB Position Breakdown through the process the reasons become clear. Orlando Scandrick -... read more→

Why Michael Sam Is Not A Cowboy Published 2/11/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineMichael Sam

Audio Version listen to ‘Why Michael Sam Is Not A Dallas Cowboy’ on audioBoom // Print Version Don't believe what you may read or hear in the press. There is always a reason. Cyd Ziegler wrote an excellent piece in which he posed a most interesting set of circumstances. It seems that strangely enough Michael Sam is the "only drafted... read more→