Jimmy Johnson Lessons - Conversation w/ Rafael Vela Published 5/19/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineJimmy Johnson

Looking back to the '90's gives a clear view of where today's Dallas Cowboys are heading. listen to ‘Jimmy Johnson Lessons - Conversation w/ Rafael Vela’ on audioBoom // SportsTalkLine Podcast Staying On Top In NFC East #SportsTalkLine Conversation - Jimmy Johnson reinvented the Dallas Cowboys in the '90's and he is having a huge effect... read more→

Cowboys Dynasty Or Not? - Conversation w/ Ben Grimaldi Published 5/15/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineSTL Broadcast - STL - Podcast

#SportsTalkLine Conversation - OT La'El Collins brought up the subject upon his signing with the Cowboys. Van Over and Grimaldi posit - Does a huge "Influx of Talent"  give this Cowboys team a shot at becoming a NFL Dynasty? listen to ‘Cowboys Dynasty, Or Not? - Conversation w/ Ben Grimaldi’ on audioBoom // STL Conversation with Rafael... read more→

Conversation w/ Rafael Vela - No Draft? No Problem! Published 5/13/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineNFL Draft

#SportsTalkLine Conversation - If it were up to the NFLPA there would be no NFL Draft and the rest of the NFL got a taste of that world with the recent signing by the Dallas Cowboys of OT La'El Collins. The Cowboys showed they would fare well in such a world. listen to ‘No Draft? No Problem For Cowboys - Conversation w/ Rafael Vela’ on... read more→

Conversation w/ Rafael Vela - Jason Garrett Stamp Leaves Huge Imprint Published 5/8/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineJason Garrett Head Coach

The Jason Garrett stamp is evident in 2015 as the head coaches is leaving a strong imprint all over the Dallas Cowboys team process. listen to ‘Conversation w/ Rafael Vela - Jason Garrett Stamp Leaves Huge Imprint’ on audioBoom // SportsTalkLine Podcast Jason Garret Stamp Leaves Mark! #SportsTalkLine Conversation - Jason Garrett is... read more→

Conversation w/ Ben Grimaldi - La'El Collins Dallas Cowboy Published 5/7/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineLa'El Collins

You are not dreaming. Do not bothering pinching yourself. It's all true. La'El Collins Dallas Cowboy is a headline you can hold in your hands, save in your bookmark and hold in your heart. listen to ‘Conversation w/ Ben Grimaldi - La'El Collins Dallas Cowboy’ on audioBoom // SportsTalkLine Podcast La'El Collins Dallas Cowboy - OLine... read more→

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